Best Treatments for Ageing Skin *

Skin ages. It is a fact of life. In fact, your skin may seem to age faster than the rest of you, and with good reason. It is affected by external influences like weather. Its health can also change based on internal factors, including illnesses or bad habits you have and foods you eat. Over a lifetime, all of those issues can add up, causing sun spots, wrinkles and other skin problems you would rather avoid. The anti-ageing industry has developed many ways to correct or reduce those problems. Here are some of the best treatments for ageing skin. Peeling… [Read More]

Teenage life now compared to the nineties

Being a teenager in the 21st century is tough. Teens have a lot to contend with nowadays in comparison to when I was a teen back in 90s. Back then Facebook didn’t exist. It was all about MSN messenger and chatrooms. There was no Instagram, and You Tube didn’t even exist either! I bet teenagers of today are wondering what we used to do without all these social networking platforms! Well, believe it or not, we mostly met up with our friends in real life and either played in the park, went over each others houses or went bowling, to… [Read More]

Resurf.a.stic Blinc Callus Stic Review and Competition

For as long as I can remember I have always suffered from hard skin on my feet. It’s not nice to look at it and it feels rough too. I’ve tried a range of different moisturisers, foot soaks, files, exfoliators and electronic foot files all to no avail. The electronic foot file didn’t feel like it did anything and I must have over-used it as my foot was sore the following day. Moisturisers are great at helping to disguise the hard skin on a temporary basis and although they do help to soften the skin without continuous daily use the… [Read More]

OptiBac Probiotics for Babies and Children Review

I’m very proud to be representing OptiBac Probiotics at this year’s Britmums Live! As my sponsor, they recently sent me a few trial packs of their probiotics for babies & children. Our twins were born via caesarean section six weeks early and over the course of their almost 2 year old lives, they’ve experienced a number of stomach bugs, infections and colds. Building up their immunity is very important to me.  Research shows that having good probiotic levels helps to support digestion, immunity and energy for infants and children, in particular: Formula-fed babies Babies, infants and children during and after antibiotics Infants… [Read More]

Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review

Having two babies with occasional nappy rash, I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to review this 100% natural baby balm with guilt free ingredients.  I was going to wait a week before I wrote this review to give it a chance to work, but to be honest with you after using Pot of Gold Baby Balm for 2 days, I noticed an almost immediate difference.  I decided to use my normal baby cream on one of our girls and this baby balm on our other girl. After 2 days of using Pot of Gold Baby Balm I… [Read More]