Teenage life now compared to the nineties

Being a teenager in the 21st century is tough.

Teens have a lot to contend with nowadays in comparison to when I was a teen back in 90s.

Back then Facebook didn’t exist. It was all about MSN messenger and chatrooms.

There was no Instagram, and You Tube didn’t even exist either!

I bet teenagers of today are wondering what we used to do without all these social networking platforms! Well, believe it or not, we mostly met up with our friends in real life and either played in the park, went over each others houses or went bowling, to the arcades or to the cinema.

Mobile phones did exist, but they didn’t connect to the internet, and the only game I had on my phone was snake, and even that was in black and white pixelated squares!

Also in the nineties, the way in which we celebrated our birthdays was different to what it is today. We’d have a few friends over the house, or our parents would rent a hall, hire a DJ and we’d dance to the Spice Girls greatest hits whilst wearing our favourite Spice Girls t-shirts.

That’s another thing that’s changed dramatically. Fashion!

The meme above may come across as a joke, but this is genuinely what my parents would dress my sister and I like. When we compare this to the children of today they all like Next Catalogue Models!

There’s so much pressure on teenagers today to look a certain way, dress a certain way etc. To know how to contour their makeup, to do squats and deadlifts etc!

If you wanted to get fit when I was a teenager you’d spend a Saturday afternoon down the local leisure centre with your friends and do a few laps of the pool!

With even more pressure than ever before, the last thing teenagers want to have to deal with on top of all this is acne. When I was a teenager, both my sister and I suffered terribly with acne. We tried all different types of face washes, scrubs, exfoliators and masks, but nothing seems to work. We even went to the doctors for prescription creams and medication, and they didn’t seem to make much of a difference either.

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