Easy Ways for you to Save Money When You Have a Family

If you know that you need to start saving money because you want to book a family holiday or even because you want to try and have more money on a day to day basis for your family then there are things that you can do to try and help yourself with this. The best thing about these tips is that you won’t find yourself constantly struggling to say no to your family, and they are very easy to follow. Make a Plan The first thing that you need to do is have a monthly savings goal. The idea here… [Read More]

You Can Save Money (Even If You Think You Can’t)

Image source Whether you want more money to invest in a renovation project, you need to buy a kitchen appliance, or you simply want to save some money for a rainy day, no matter what your financial circumstances are right now, it is almost certain that you can save some money. It might not be easy, and you won’t always want to do it, but if you just knuckle down and focus on the big picture, you’ll soon see your savings pile grow. Here are some simple ways you can save money even when you think it’s impossible: Cut It… [Read More]

How Large Families Can Save Money

If you have a relatively large family, then you will probably be aware that it is often surprisingly easy to accidentally overspend and to end up with little money at the end of the month. This can happen all too easily, but the truth is that the solution is to simply adopt a different kind of attitude. There might only be a certain amount of money coming in, and the same responsibilities every month, but if you are a little clever about it then you can easily save a considerable amount of money for your family each month. In this… [Read More]

Shop online for less this summer

When I was growing up, my sister and I would spend months saving up all of our pocket money so that we could go on a shopping spree in our local town centre. We loved it so much that it pretty much turned into an annual thing. We’d treat ourselves to some new clothes, perhaps some makeup and most likely a McDonalds too! We used to get around £3.50 a week in pocket money, so we’d save up until we both had around £100 each. On average this would take us approximately seven months! Our parents would chip in to… [Read More]

How to save money when buying gifts for loved ones

I’ve written about previously about voucher codes. As someone who is keen to save money online and in store, it’s important for me to be aware of the best ways that I can save the pennies. For me this means doing my research first to ensure that I can get the best deals possible. If I know what I want, I simply do a quick online search to see what the best price is. For most people that’s all they’ll do. They’ll find the best price and buy the product at that price. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve… [Read More]

How to save money online using voucher codes

Like the majority of people I like to do most of my shopping online. It’s convenient, easy and can be be time saving when you can get something delivered straight to your door or pick something up within a matter of hours. I think the reason why I and a lot of people enjoy shopping online is because we like to find the best deals we can and save money as a result. Whether it a sale, buy one get one free offer or simply using some money off codes. Shopping online makes it easy for us to find great… [Read More]

7 useful wedding money savers

There are varying results when it comes to research, but having looked at a few sources, I was astonished to find that the average cost of a UK wedding is now somewhere between £20,000 to £25,000. Dependent on location, that’s almost the equivalent of a down payment on a decent house! Not that I’m trying to undermine the importance of one of the most memorable day of our lives, nor advocating that you should make painful sacrifices for it in the name of money. But, suffice it to say, it’s clear that costs can spiral, and that a few cunning tricks to trim fat off… [Read More]

Save money on fuel – for you and your vehicle

Money makes the world go round – it’s just a shame there’s often not enough to go around. We’re all looking for ways to cut the amount of cash we spend and the most obvious places to start are the areas in which we regularly spend most money.  Statistics show that more than half of our spending goes on four main categories – food, housing and fuel, transport and recreation.  Managing your finances can be a daunting prospect so it’s important to set simple, achievable goals and not try to do everything at once.  With this in mind we’ve focussed on dining and driving. So, whether it’s fuel for your… [Read More]

How to save money on everyday items

From clothes to furniture and food, it seems as though no-one is paying full price for anything anymore. With the rise of extreme couponing in the UK it’s no wonder that we feel as though we need more for our money. It is possible to get the things you need for less and here are a few tips on just how to do that. 1. The next time you visit your local supermarket to do your food shop you may want to allow some extra time. I don’t mean so that you can look at every deal in the shop… [Read More]

Win a £50 Amazon Voucher with Oony – The site that will save you money on your everyday shopping!

Who doesn’t like saving money? I know I do! I like saving money on the simple things such as my everyday shopping, but also on the bigger things that can be expensive such as clothes and holidays. Oony is a website which aims to help people spend less money on products from their favourite stores and brands by providing coupons, deals and offers. Oony do all the leg work for you by recommending vouchers and deals from different stores to help save you money. I’ve heard of people who are really into extreme couponing. So much so that they’ll search supermarket… [Read More]