Looking after your child’s future

Everyone knows that having children is expensive. From the moment they’re born – actually, from the moment you discover you’re pregnant the costs start to add up! Nappies, furniture, clothes, bottles, bedding and everything else that comes with having a baby!  Did you know that the average cost to raise a child from birth to the age of 21 is £218,000! That’s a lot of money!  With that in mind you may now be asking yourself how you can invest for your child’s future and why you might want to consider putting some money aside for them.  For me, I… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge: First Online Shop and Food Bill

Following on from my previous post (click here) we have now entered the world of online grocery shopping! The total bill was: £92.37. This is a massive saving for us of around £50.00 a week which means £200 a month!  I can’t wait to see what arrives as I’m hoping we won’t have too many (if any) substitutions. Here is what we bought: Fresh Welsh Whole Milk 6 Chocolte Chip Brioche Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder Birds Eye Fish Fingers Calpol Nurofen Pepsi Cow and Gate Banana Porridge (x2) Minstrels Pouch Wotsits Radox Banana Fruity Cusard Pots (x2) Pear and Apple… [Read More]

The Weekly Shop Challenge

When Twin Daddy and I first moved in together our weekly food bill was around £60. I look back on those good times with fond memories! For no longer are our weekly shops so cheap. Most weeks we spend on average anything from £120-£150. Don’t ask me on what because I truly do not know! We don’t buy excessive amounts of food. Admittedly we do waste some food but I wouldn’t say it was an absurd amount. On Monday I was chatting to one of my colleagues in work about how much our weekly food shop is and I was… [Read More]