Princess Positives: How to Make More of a Princess Obsession

It’s hard to escape the world of princesses when you have a little girl. They’re everywhere, and once she’s obsessed, there’s no much you can do to turn her away. You might not want to, either, but perhaps you would like to show your daughter a world beyond pink princesses. Here’s how you could make her obsession a bit more positive. Encourage a Love of Reading One of the things a love of princesses can do is encourage your daughter to read. While girls tend to be bigger readers than boys, some can still be reluctant to read. Instead of… [Read More]

Disney Sofia the First Toy Review from Jakks Pacific

Like most little girls, M, loves princesses. R will happily play with them too, but definitely prefers playing with boy dolls such as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid or Kristof from Frozen. We recently received some Sofia the First toys to review from Jakks Pacific and both R and M love them! I’ve included a short video below so you can see the toys in action, but here’s some more information first! We were sent: Sofia the First Royal Friend 3″ Figure (RRP £5.99) Sofia the First Mini Royal Prep Art Class Playset (RRP £9.99) Mini Princess Amber’s Closet… [Read More]

Disney Princess and Paw Patrol Duvet Set Review

Being a mum to twin girls with very different likes and dislikes is very interesting at times. Our twin are four years old and they’ve always shared a bedroom. When we moved house in the middle of February, the girls asked us if we would paint their new bedroom. Of course, we said that we would, but getting them to decide on the same decoration has been tricky! M loves princesses, fairies and everything pink, whereas R loves Spiderman, Paw Patrol and everything blue. My husband and I thought about painting the room half and half, but we’re still undecided!… [Read More]

Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register Review and Video

We’re big fans of all things Disney in our home. Our twin girls, who are almost four years old, love the magic that only Disney films can offer, so can you imagine the delight on their faces when we received the Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register to review! With an RRP of £24.99, I think that the Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register is excellent value for money. To turn the till on, you just press the on/off button. What I love about this toy is that it’s also a calculator, so it’s almost like two toys in one! The… [Read More]

Character Pyjamas and Backpack Review from is an online shop that sells character clothes for adults and children, as well as backpacks, shoes, swimwear and more. Most of their range is character clothing because children love to wear clothes with their favourite characters on. I have three year old twin girls and they couldn’t be more different from one another! R loves Spiderman, her favourite colour is blue and she wears her blue shorts everyday. M on the other hand loves Barbie, Peppa Pig, princesses, fairies and her favourite colour is pink. She loves to wear her red party dress everyday! As you can see they… [Read More]

Princess Elsa Frozen Costume Review

I think my family and I have been a little late to join the ‘Frozen bandwagon’, but we’ve finally made it! We first watched Frozen a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since! Now that our twins no longer sleep in the day, we’ve taken to watching Frozen in lieu of their nap….every day! I’m not bored of it yet and neither are my husband or our twins! In fact I think my husband may be enjoying it more than the rest of us! R and M enjoy pretend play. We pretend to be doctors and chefs, but… [Read More]