Princess Positives: How to Make More of a Princess Obsession

It’s hard to escape the world of princesses when you have a little girl. They’re everywhere, and once she’s obsessed, there’s no much you can do to turn her away. You might not want to, either, but perhaps you would like to show your daughter a world beyond pink princesses. Here’s how you could make her obsession a bit more positive.

Encourage a Love of Reading

One of the things a love of princesses can do is encourage your daughter to read. While girls tend to be bigger readers than boys, some can still be reluctant to read. Instead of sticking to movies, try exploring a range of princess stories with her.

Look for Strong Role Models

You might think that a lot of the princesses in traditional stories and Disney movies aren’t exactly what you want your daughter to aspire to. But there are some characters who can show that there’s more to life than wearing dresses and marrying a prince. Try characters like Mulan or Fiona from the Shrek series.

Find Windows into Other Media

A princess obsession can also mean you can explore some other media your daughter might love. They don’t have to feature princesses, but they could have some cool girl characters. Explore some older books like Heidi or Little House on the Prairie, or try some more recent books, movies, and TV shows.

Use It to Get Creative

A love of princesses can be used to explore a wider love for fairy tales and folk stories. These are excellent for inspiring creativity, whether you want to decorate your daughter’s room, do some arts and crafts, or maybe put on a play.

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