Why should you buy your Christmas gifts early?

Before you know it, Christmas has arrived. Shopping in the holiday season can be very stressful and expensive, which is why careful planning and consideration is required. Instead of opting to buy presents in the last moments leading up to Christmas, it’s much wiser to buy your gifts early. There are several reasons why. You won’t have to buy everything at once One of the main issues that everyone has come Christmas is the cost of the bulk. Because most of the time people tend to buy everything all at once, that usually leads to paying one heavy price immediately, which can definitely hurt your wallet. A very wise plan would be to start gradually… [Read More]

Experiences vs Materialistic Things: Is there room for both?

With Christmas looming, I’ve started to see an increase of people posting the same question over and over again in money saving and parenting groups on Facebook. Do you think I’ve bought my children enough presents? Does it look like my son has more presents than my daughter? I don’t understand why people post these questions, along with a picture of a huge pile of presents for their children. Firstly, if you’re that concerned that you’ve bought your son more presents than your daughter there’s actually a simple solution to find out. It’s called counting! Count how many presents you… [Read More]

How much should I buy the kids for Christmas?


This post was inspired by an email conversation I had with my sister a few weeks ago. We were talking about Christmas and what we were buying our kids etc., when my sister asked how much I was buying our twins for Christmas. Up until that point I hadn’t really thought about it. I replied saying that I think kids would be happy with a handful of presents, but that I thought it was the parents who ultimately feel the need to buy their kids everything on their letter to Santa. This got me thinking. As I said above I… [Read More]

Fourth birthday presents for our girls

Our twin girls turned four years old at the end of February and they had their first proper birthday party where they invited their friends and some of their nursery class. I knew that this meant they would receive a fair amount of presents so I didn’t want to overboard and buy too much for them.  Luckily we were able to put some of the gifts we’d bought the girls for Christmas to one side for their birthday, as they would have had way too much for Christmas otherwise!  So, what did we buy the girls for their fourth birthday?… [Read More]

Christmas Traditions – Are your children’s presents from Santa or a mixture of Santa and Mummy & Daddy?

Over the past three years my husband and I have created some of our own Christmas traditions. Every year I buy our twins one new Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree so that when they’re older they’ll have enough to decorate a tree of their own for their own family. We’ve also started giving our girls a special Christmas eve box which typically includes new pyjamas and a chocolate or two! One thing I have been very curious about though is how other parents deal with present giving and receiving, in particular those received from Santa. Growing up I have… [Read More]

Two-by-Two Noahs Ark Review

When buying a gift for twins, there’s actually quite a lot to think about. Do you buy them one gift each or one to share? If you do buy them one gift each, should you buy them the same thing so there’s not arguments over who gets what, or should you buy them something different? I guess, it depends on the age of the children to start with. I mean for baby twins, they really don’t know it’s Christmas so it doesn’t matter if you buy them something different each, if you even buy them anything at all that is! For toddlers, I… [Read More]

Today you are two!

Today you are 2 Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday You were sleeping in my arms You’ve come such a long way Since the day you were born You’re funny and cheeky You’re wonderfully cute From small angels To little girls You’ve grown so much A full head of hair A mouth full of teeth And now you can talk There’s no stopping you shout! We love to watch As you play together Chasing each other And sharing your toys You both like to hide Feet poking out beneath the curtains! We hear you giggle And… [Read More]

Valentines Gift Ideas for Her

February is the month of love To shows those close That you do love Them the most I’ve put together a Pinterest Board of a few Valentines gift ideas for the lady in your life! To see the full board on Pinterest please click below Follow Twinmumanddad’s board Valentines Gift Ideas for Her on Pinterest.

The Twins Christmas Wishlist

Image courtesy of Gualberto007/Freedigitalphotos.net With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would share with you what we are planning on buying our girls for their second Christmas. They will be 22 months old. Little Tikes Double Up Play Kitchen I’ve always wanted to buy a play kitchen for our girls. When I first took them to our local play group they both headed for the play kitchen! The Little Tikes Double Up Play Kitchen is the same one they have at ply group and although I originally wanted to buy the girls a wooden one, I’ve decided to opt for… [Read More]

Knitting Kit Review: Unboxing

I was recently given the opportunity to choose something to review from Presents for Men.  I have never knitted in my life, but I have always wanted to learn how to knit. For this reason I chose to review a Knitting Kit.  Not only does it come in a pretty, spotty case to keep everything, it also has everything a beginner needs to learn how to knit.  I love the case because it’s hard wearing and will keep all the separate bits and pieces safe, plus it can fit 6 small balls of wool in.  It also has a carry… [Read More]