How will the children whose mums share every moment of their lives online feel when they grow up?

Ooo, now this is an interesting topic to cover! I’ve previously written about ‘sharenting‘ – the art of sharing way too many photos of your children online, and it seems that this particular trend is on the rise. We’re all friends with them. The mum on Facebook who shares every milestone her child reaches. The proud dad posting pictures of their child’s first attempt at walking or their child’s first night without a nappy. I think we’re all guilty of over-sharing at some point in our lives, whether that be online or in person. I know I certainly am, but… [Read More]

Making Crafty Pictures

Last week was a pretty busy week. I felt like all I’d done was drag the girls around various shops and play groups! On Wednesday morning I took them out on their scooters for a walk, but neither of them were very interested and just wanted to go home. After about 10 minutes I caved in and took them back home where they sat in front of the TV watching a DVD. It was actually quite nice to just sit down and relax with them both, but I always feel like I should be doing something with them! Wednesday afternoon… [Read More]

Instajunction Review

Put simple Instajunction allows users to print their Instagram, Facebook or uploaded pictures onto a range of exciting and different products. You can choose from: Coasters Polaroid Style Cards Minibooks Posters  Magnets Greeting Cards Framed Prints Wall Calenders Vinyls Luxury Aluminium Plates Keyrings Charm Bracelets Cufflinks Wrapping Paper I chose to have some of my photographs printed onto keyrings and magnets. I chose these two items because I haven’t actually a keyring with a picture of our twins on so I thought it would be a nice addition to my keys! I chose the magnets to make our fridge look a little… [Read More]