Disney Emoji Review

Calling all Disney fans! The latest collection of Disney Emoji is here with all your favourite Disney characters! Our twins are six years old, and they love collecting things! Recently they’ve been collecting Disney Tsum Tsum, but now they can add these super, cute, fun Disney Emoji collectables to their collection! We were sent some of the Series 1 collectables to review, but Series 2 is also out now with 28 new characters and four props from classic Disney, Disney Princess, Disney Frozen, and Disney/Pixar movies.  Based on the Disney Emoji Blitz smart phone game, and ‘As Told By’ stories… [Read More]

Calm, Colour, Create Magazine Review

With the rise in popularity of adult colouring books lately I’ve often wondered what all the fuss is about. Sure, I love colouring in with my children and on occasion can get a little competitive, but having my own colouring book? I wasn’t so sure! Calm, Colour, Create is exactly that though. It’s an adult colouring book filled with 68 pages of intricate designs that are just waiting to be coloured in. It’s not like the colouring books that you can buy in supermarkets for children which are often flimsy with grainy paper. The laminated cover oozes adult sophistication and the… [Read More]

One Lovely Blog Award

This post has come off the back of both The Determined Housewife and Messed Up Mum as they both nominated me for this. The idea is that you thank the people who nominated you, so big thanks to The Determined Housewife and Messed Up Mum. Then you have to share seven facts about yourself, then nominate five more bloggers for this award. Here are seven facts about me: 1. I’m an identical twin 2. I have non-identical twin girls after my husband and I conceived via IVF 3. I have over 20 tattoos and really want another 4. I used to… [Read More]

Kensington Brights Tea For One Review

I love a good cup of tea, especially after a hard day’s work or when the little ones are tucked up in bed. I can sit back, relax and watch a film or some soaps on the TV and drink my tea in peace. Thing is the little ones have noticed me quietly, secretively sipping away from a mug whilst stood in the corner of the kitchen and now they like tea too! Only in small quantities though! Even though they follow their mummy and come to think of it their daddy for our love of tea there is one… [Read More]

Beebies Baby Store Review

I was recently delighted to be offered the chance to review a 1 tier nappy cake for Beebies Baby Store. Beebies Baby Store is run by 18 year old Ami Holt in Kent. She provides high quality, affordable baby products in the UK. For more information about Beebies Baby Store please click here. I have to admit, before I was given this opportunity by Ami, I’d heard of nappy cakes but I had absolutely no idea what they were. When it arrived beautifully packaged and topped with a pink bow, I was eager to have a look inside. Opening the… [Read More]