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I was recently delighted to be offered the chance to review a 1 tier nappy cake for Beebies Baby Store. Beebies Baby Store is run by 18 year old Ami Holt in Kent. She provides high quality, affordable baby products in the UK. For more information about Beebies Baby Store please click here.

I have to admit, before I was given this opportunity by Ami, I’d heard of nappy cakes but I had absolutely no idea what they were. When it arrived beautifully packaged and topped with a pink bow, I was eager to have a look inside.

Opening the box and lifting the lid I saw an adorably cute teddy bear poking it’s head out, surrounded by lots of goodies!

This 1 tier nappy cake costs just £14.99 plus p&p. It’s made up of a mixture of Pampers and Huggies size 2 nappies, which will fit a baby between 7-14lbs, making this the perfect gift for new parents. 
Cleverly holding the nappies in place is a fluffy white towel. The only negative I have against this product, is that the towel was held in place by a pin. I removed the pin and found that the pink ribbon which was wrapped around the towel, more than adequately held it in place. 
As well as the nappies, there is a super cute and super fluffy teddy bear with a pink neck tie. My girls are 5 and a half months old and love looking at this bear. They even reach out for the tie! Also included is a bottle of Johnsons Baby Oil and Lotion. 

The thing I love most about this product, is that it is so well put together. When unwrapping it, I was amazed to find 7 baby products in addition to the 22 nappies. 

My girls are always making such mess when they have their bottles so I bought some plastic backed bibs a while ago, which are fantastic because they prevent spillages from soaking through onto clothes. I have only ever been able to find these bibs in the supermarket, so when I noticed that 2 were included in this nappy cake I actually did a little dance!

Last but not least is a pretty, sleeveless, pink vest in size 0-3 months. Although my girls are 5 and a half months old, they are still in 0-3 month clothes, therefore making this the perfect addition to their wardrobe! 

So, just to some up included in this £14.99 one tier nappy cake is:
  1. A mixture of 22 Huggies and Pampers size 2 nappies
  2. A pretty teddy bear, which I have named Penne (to go with Spagetti & Noodles, pictured below!)
  3. A fluffy white towel
  4. Johnsons baby oil
  5. Johnsons baby lotion
  6. 0-3 month sleeveless pink vest
  7. 2 bibs
As well as the pretty nappy cake, Ami also sent me a 1.5m long pink mini bunting. This decorative item will make the perfect addition to any nursery.
Bunting hangs from a shelf underneath the twins dolls, Spaghetti and Noodles!
The bunting is made up of purple and pink flags with white dots and the remaining flags are a fabulous shade of deep pink.

My final thoughts

This 1 tier nappy cake makes a great gift for all new parents. It’s well put together and contains lots of goodies for such a great price! As well as this nappy cake, which is designed for baby girls, Beebies Baby Store also has a neutral nappy cake available in yellow, for those parents who are having a surprise and it is also available in blue for boys. To view these online please click here. Beebies Baby Store has an ever expanding product range. To have a look at their website please click here!

For the purpose of this review, Ami sent me a 1 tier nappy cake and 1 mini bunting.

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    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked my post. I agree the hospital bags look great. The zebra print is my favourite. My sister is due in September and I know she would love one of them! Congratulations on your twins 🙂 xxx

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