My Enchanted Mirror – Video Review

This review opportunity arrived at the perfect time for me.  Our twin girls, R and M, are really into Beauty and the Beast at the moment. It’s my favourite Disney film of all time and if you’re a fan too then you’ll know that the Beast has a magic mirror that will show him anything he wants to see! When I first told our girls about My Enchanted Mirror they instantly thought of the mirror from Beauty and the Beast! My Enchanted Mirror is the perfect gift for your little princess! Made by SAMBRO, I’m sure it’ll be on every… [Read More]

No Mirror Make Up Challenge (Video)

Fellow blogger Charlotte has set me and a number of other bloggers a challenge. The challenge is to do the #NoMirrorMakeup challenge to raise money for Henshaws. Henshaws work with visually impaired people by helping to give them independence and a life that they enjoy. When you consider how limited you would be when you can’t see it’s a pretty daunting thought. Not being able to your baby’s smile, not being able to drive and not being able to see someone’s facial expressions is a pretty big deal.  The challenge is about trying to understand what it’s like for women… [Read More]

Furniture Plus Swivel Mirror Review

I was recently sent a really nice Welland Pine Swivel Mirror to review from Furniture Plus. Furniture Plus are one of the leading online retailers of high quality solid oak and solid pine furniture in the UK. They’re a family run business with over 40 years experience in the furniture business.  Based in the North West of England, they supply the finest solid oak and pine furniture direct from the factory to your door. They feature a wide range of exclusive designs and branded furniture on their website and they’re continually developing their range.  This is the picture of the Welland Pine Swivel… [Read More]

Pink Lining Twins Changing Bag Review

When I was given the opportunity to review a changing bag from Pink Lining I jumped at the chance!  Pink Lining provides the most stylish and functional changing bags, maternity bags and baby bags for new mums. I think the postman thought I was loopy when he turned up at my doorstop and I did a little dance on my front step! I’d seen the Pink Logo on the box he was carrying before he got to the front door! I was like a kid on Christmas morning! We chose to review the Bumble Bees and Stardust Twins Bag. Upon opening the box… [Read More]

Identical or Not? Does it matter?

Ok, so I’m just going to write this as it sounds in my head! Arghhh! Oh my god! Seriously! Why? Does it matter? *Takes an intake of breath* Before I continue my rant post, I wanted to share with this piece of information with you: Types of Twins Fraternal, also known as non-identical and dizygotic Identical, also known as monozygotic For more information you may want to read this article. Our twins are fraternal and you only have to look at them to realise that they aren’t identical. I don’t dress them the same for a number of reasons, but the two main reasons why… [Read More]