PAW Patrol Mission PAW Mission Cruiser + Mini Vehicles Review

Paw Patrol is one of those shows that comes on the TV, and makes my children stop in their tracks. They both absolutely love Paw Patrol, and have their own favourite characters. M adores Sky, and even has a Skye costume! R’s favourite is Chase. We have a few Paw Patrol toys already, but I knew that when our girls saw the PAW Patrol Mission PAW Mission Cruiser and mini vehicles they’d love it! In addition to the PAW Patrol Mission PAW Mission Cruiser which includes Robo Dog and his mini vehicle, we also received two PAW Patrol Mission PAW Mini… [Read More]

Mojo Box Review by Fred’s Box

Fred's Box

I love the idea of a good subscription box. A little special something that gets delivered straight to your door once a month. It’s a nice treat and something to look forward to. Fred’s Box is exactly that. It’s a subscription service for children. They send your kids a box each month containing mini figures that they can play with and add to their collection. My girls love a good collection so for them this really is a great idea! They were sent a twins medium sized mojo box to review which contains 12 custom made mini figures. The wonderful… [Read More]

A day out at Heath Park Miniature Railway

I’m always amazed by how many attractions are local to us here in Cardiff. We’ve got parks, farms, castles, museums, splash parks and so many other wonderful places to visit all on our doorstop. Another such place is the Heath Park Miniature Railway & Tramways. Run by volunteers the miniature railway is open to the public just a handful of times during the year. You’ll need to check the website to find out which days they’re open. With a selection of train rides to choose from such as diesel, steam and electric, Heath Park Miniature Railway is a great afternoon… [Read More]

Bigjigs PlayPatrol – The Final Mission

I can’t believe that this is our last Play Patrol mission for Bigjigs! I feel so sad that it’s come to an end, but so blessed that we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Bigjigs. Agents Double Team, R and M, have really enjoyed putting fun to the test by testing out the various Bigjigs toys they’ve received. I know they”ll be sad too that this our last mission, but we’ll be sure to apply again! Before I continue with our last mission here are our previous Bigjigs Play Patrol missions: Pre-Play Patrol Mission Mission One Mission Two Mission… [Read More]

How to Make a Mini Egg Easter Cake

If you’re thinking of cooking up a treat this Easter look no further than this easy to make Mini Egg Sponge Cake. You will need 6 large eggs 325g of softened butter (at room temperature) 325g caster sugar 325g self raising flour (sifted) 2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder Raspberry jam 300g buttercream Two 7″ greased cake tins 4 packs of mini eggs Sprinkles of your choice Method Cream the butter and sugar together until smooth Add the eggs, flour and baking powder  Beat until smooth Divide the mixture into your cake tins and cook in the oven on 180… [Read More]

Why fly when you can cruise?

When it comes to planning a holiday how many of us automatically think it will involve air travel? I for one have never really thought of any other way of travelling. I’ll decide on a destination, use review sites to check out some local hotels and then book my flight separately to try and save some money. What if I told you that you could actually go on holiday abroad without travelling by air? Cruises from the UK are becoming more and more popular and I can certainly understand why. Especially if you’re travelling with small children. My husband and I have… [Read More]

Mini Micro Scooter Review

A little while ago I was debating whether or not to get our girls a bike. I couldn’t decide between a trike or a balance bike. After asking around on Twitter the general consensus was to go for a balance bike, so that’s exactly what we did. Sadly, a number of months after buying the balance bikes they’ve barely been used. It never even crossed my mind to get a scooter each for the girls. I’d seen children the same age as our girls and older going around on scooters, but I only ever thought about a bike. When micro-scooters kindly agreed to… [Read More]

Mini adventures in Devon – Haven Devon Cliffs Review

Travelling anywhere with children takes time and quite often a lot of preparation. Making sure you’ve packed everything from favourite toys, blankets and comforters to snacks, games, clothes and more. It can be an almost military operation! When it comes to going on holiday with toddlers – well that’s a whole other story! I’m a mum to two year old twin girls. They’re cheeky, adventurous and love running around and having fun! With this in mind we decided to go on holiday to Devon. More specifically Haven’s Devon Cliffs Caravan Park. The caravan park appeared to have everything we needed to keep our girls… [Read More]

A different kind of holiday

I’ve been talking a lot about travel on the blog lately. It probably has something to do with the fact that we’ve just come back from Devon, plus my step-daughter is in Spain right now, which means I’m avoiding her Instagram feed for a while! All those pictures of beaches and sunshine is making me want to spend all my savings on another holiday! We’ve been on two holidays since our twins were born. The first was to Menorca with my three step-children, mother-in-law, husband and our twins. It was a good holiday overall, but too many people and seven… [Read More]

Galt Mini Masterpiece

Galt recently sent R and M some finger paints so that they could recreate a painting called ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. We’ve used finger paints before and I always ensure that the ones I buy are washable, non-toxic and are designed for kids. These finger paints come in a pack of six 100ml pots. They’re washable and the colours are really bright! That is the thing that has actually impressed me the most about these finger paints! The colours are lovely and very appealing to young eyes. Unlike the usual finger paints we’ve tried, Galt finger paint is thick… [Read More]