4 Kitchen & Food Essentials for the Busy Parent

4We all know how busy life as a parent can be. From preparing meals to watching our children and keeping them entertained, the rewards are huge, but so are the demands. That’s why anything that saves us time and makes life easier and better is always welcome. With that in mind, here are four kitchen and food essentials that every parent should have in their home; they can save you money and time, allowing you to spend your hours with your children doing the things you really love. 1. Wooden Cutting Boards Most children are fussy eaters at some point… [Read More]

How to create the perfect kitchen

Making any change to your home, requires a lot of thought and research. That’s why when looking to create the perfect kitchen there are a number of different steps you should take. Firstly, look at your existing kitchen. Are you looking to completely remove it and put a new kitchen in, or make some small, simple changes such as changing the cupboard doors and perhaps repainting? Look at the way in which you use your kitchen space. Do you use the worktops much? Would you benefit from having more cupboard space, or perhaps more os less worktops would be best… [Read More]

Five Basic Ideas to Create A Cozy Home

Most people have seen those nasty home transformation shows during days gone by. You already know the variety, wherein a hyperactive variety of designers and then builders blitz their objective into an ‘unsuspecting’ civilian’s home, getting just an hour to confirm a fantastic make-over. The make-over designer snatches up certain worthless cushions, whips up the carpet, and then presto, the overall part is an amazing palace. Don’t we tend to desire that our bored houses might be awoken with such type of quick and electrifying fervor? We are not pushing you to create your house your own ideal mansion, however,… [Read More]

Fun Ways to Liven up your Kitchen

On average, British people alone spend about three years in the kitchen throughout their lifetime. It’s understandable that people get a little sick of the same thing after knowing that. Whether you own a house or are just renting, there are little things you can do to change the feel and look of any room drastically. So how does this work for a kitchen? Trends vary from year to year and it can be impossible to keep up with, so by going your own way and include minor variances. Here are a few possible ideas.   Image From Flickr Use… [Read More]

2016 Kitchen Trend Predictions

I often dream about how I would design a house of my own. For over ten years my husband and I have been renting, but I know that one day we will own our very own home. I’m passionate about cooking so one of the most important rooms in a house for me has to be the kitchen. As it’s a place that I’m likely to spend a lot of time in, I’d like to ensure that it’s on trend. Mayfair Granite, who specialise in kitchen worktops have compiled some of their predictions for what will be big during 2016…. [Read More]

Our Christmas Day

Can you believe Christmas is over already? As fast as it came around, it’s gone again. I hope you all had a great time, we certainly did! At the time of the twins first Christmas they were only 8 months old. They couldn’t unwrap their own presents, but the joy of seeing them play with their new toys made it such a special day for us all. Their first Christmas in 2012 was quite a hectic one. We’d planned in advance what we would be doing, who we would be seeing and where we would be going, but on the… [Read More]

The Twins Christmas Wishlist

Image courtesy of Gualberto007/Freedigitalphotos.net With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would share with you what we are planning on buying our girls for their second Christmas. They will be 22 months old. Little Tikes Double Up Play Kitchen I’ve always wanted to buy a play kitchen for our girls. When I first took them to our local play group they both headed for the play kitchen! The Little Tikes Double Up Play Kitchen is the same one they have at ply group and although I originally wanted to buy the girls a wooden one, I’ve decided to opt for… [Read More]

Krazy Kitchen 2

Following on from my previous Krazy Kitchen post, Warburtons have created a new video that takes you behind the scenes on their mission to liven up lunchtimes with a whole host of lunch ideas. The video captures all the best bits that the two families, the Griffiths and the McDermotts, faced during their challenges. It looks like both families had a lot of fun on set, but behind the scenes it was all serious as mum prepares her children for what it is about to face them! Telling them to focus and that’s just what they all do! Dad has a hilariously… [Read More]

Krazy Kitchen

From childhood into adulthood my lunchtimes have mainly consisted of a sandwich. My mum would make me a packed lunch for school and nowadays I tend to buy myself a sandwich on my way into work. The selection of ready made sandwiches available in shops nowadays though has become a bit mundane. From your tuna, chicken and cheese some shops do add a little variety and serve up more european choices, but the Warburtons have launched a new campaign in a bid to liven up lunchtimes. Warburtons have five generations of expertise that goes into making their bakery products and… [Read More]