How to create the perfect kitchen

Making any change to your home, requires a lot of thought and research. That’s why when looking to create the perfect kitchen there are a number of different steps you should take.

Firstly, look at your existing kitchen. Are you looking to completely remove it and put a new kitchen in, or make some small, simple changes such as changing the cupboard doors and perhaps repainting?

Look at the way in which you use your kitchen space. Do you use the worktops much? Would you benefit from having more cupboard space, or perhaps more os less worktops would be best for you? Places such as worktop express have a range of different worktops available to suit your needs.

If you find yourself cooking from scratch a lot, you may need more space than someone who perhaps doesn’t cook much.

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You’ll also need to look at the layout of your kitchen. Does it work, or could it be bettered? Perhaps by moving your oven closer to the area that you use to cut your food would work?

You may also want to consider your lighting. Working in a poorly lit kitchen isn’t good. Could you move your light fitting somewhere better, or perhaps use a brighter or more efficient light bulb?

I also think it’s important to look at your storage options. Whilst a lot of people opt for cupboards, you could also consider draws or units that can be pulled out. These are not only space saving, they also make your kitchen look more attractive, and make the space in which you have to cook work better for you.

Also think about the types of worktops that would be best for you. I’m a cleaner for a living and some worktops clean so much better than others, which also means they last longer because they’re more durable.

You may also want to consider if you want your kitchen to be a space where you can also eat in or entertain people in. If so, look at options such as foldable tables to save space.

These are just a few tips to help you create your own perfect kitchen.

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