Our IVF (ICSI) Journey From Start to Finish

When I first started blogging it was a way for me to share our IVF journey. You see when you embark upon IVF, the only people you can really talk to about it is your partner, that’s if you have one, or others who are going through IVF. These are the people who truly understand exactly what you’re going through. At the start of our journey, I was lucky to find an online fertility forum called Fertility Friends. This forum is broken down into various threads so that you can find others who are having the same type of IVF… [Read More]

Saying Goodbye to Our Embryos

A little over six years ago my husband and I welcomed our twin girls into the world. After going through IVF we were very lucky that we had nine embryos successfully fertilised. Two of those were placed back into me and resulted in our twins, the other seven were frozen for possible future use. I’ve written previously about the struggle my husband and I face every year when we receive a letter through the door from the clinic asking us if we’d like to renew, donate or let our embryos perish. For the last six years we’ve chosen to renew… [Read More]

IVF: Your Options at a Glance

IVF isn’t a subject that people tend to think about until they really have to. For many people the ins and outs of IVF are as simple as going to a clinic, seeing a consultant and walking out a few months later pregnant. However, those who have been through IVF will know all too well that it’s not that simple. For example, did you know that there are many different types of IVF depending on your individual circumstances? Here’s a quick glance into just a few of the types of IVF that are available: In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Intracytoplasmic Sperm… [Read More]

IVF with donor eggs – how to start your journey

The journey to parenthood may not be easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be lonely. Many women and couples who are trying to conceive turn for help to fertility forums, blogs run by women, men or couples battling infertility, or local community support groups. Fertility blogs, in particular, offer a unique opportunity to read, often intimate, but always incredibly honest accounts of IVF with donor eggs, in a such way that you can relate to the blogger. You can always leave a comment and you can be sure that there is someone out there on the other side who… [Read More]

The Benefit of Online Fertility Consultations

Online Fertility Consultations with IVF Matters If, like me, you have experienced or are still going through the IVF route, you are likely to know that it is, more often than not, an incredibly time-consuming process. You want nothing more than to be able to speak to the medical professionals quickly and in-depth, rather than having to settle for somewhat hurried, ten minute appointments with your GP, whilst having to wait for weeks in between to be recommended for a referral or to collect your results. However, a new wave of support now exists. Following in the footsteps of the… [Read More]

Tick, Tock: Pay Heed to Your Biological Clock!

The sound of a clock ticking can be one of the most irritating noises, conjuring images of minutes slipping away during difficult exams or the seemingly endless minutes waiting to fall asleep. So it’s no wonder that for many women, the tendency is to push that biological clock into a place where it can be safely ignored. However, for many women, the sound of the biological clock ticking can turn into alarm bells when the time comes to start a family. Women may “oversleep,” so to speak, missing the chance to start a family without intervention. And sometimes, interventions may… [Read More]

A love letter to the ones who made our IVF dreams come true

Premature baby feet

Dear L, A and everyone else at the clinic where we had our IVF, From the very first day my husband and I met you all at your open evening, I think it’s fair to say that we knew we would be in a relationship with you that will truly last a lifetime. Although we haven’t seen one another for quite some time, there’s not a day that goes by without us thinking of you all. You see, you made our dream come true. Our dream to have children together, and you didn’t just make it happen once. You blessed us with twins,… [Read More]

Please stop growing up!

Our embryos

It seems like only yesterday when your daddy and I first stepped foot inside the IVF clinic where we were to witness first-hand the amazing of creation of life. Your lives.  We feel so very lucky that we actually saw you both as embryos. How many other parents can actually say that? We held hands when we saw you both as an embryos back inside my uterus and we knew we were witnessing something so amazing. Something that not many people ever get to see. The pregnancy went well. I had no side effects really to talk of. Just slight insomnia… [Read More]

A hard decision – embryo renewal

Once a year for the past three years the post will fall onto the floor from the letterbox. Before I even pick up the letter I know exactly what it’s about and who it’s from. Our fertility clinic. It’s time to decide whether or not we want to renew our embryos. My husband and I were very lucky that our first attempt at IVF worked and resulted in non-identical twin girls who are now three years old.  We were also very lucky to have seven embryos left over which were promptly frozen for any future cycles we wished to have…. [Read More]

Five Ways to Improve Conception

One in six couples have difficulty trying to conceive, therefore an increasing number of couples are turning to fertility treatments to help them start a family. If you’re contemplating going down the route of IVF, it’s worth considering changing your diet and lifestyle in order to improve your fertility and increase the chances that the IVF treatment will work. Boost your chances of getting pregnant with these 5 trusty tips. 1. Get an Early Night  Research implies that women undergoing IVF treatments see the best results when they regularly get seven to eight hours sleep a night. Do you struggle to… [Read More]