SmartGlobe Adventure Review

Children have an instinctive need to learn about the world around them. From asking questions to exploring their surroundings without fear, their want for learning is incredible. A few months ago one of the girls older sisters went to Ghana with her university. She’s training to be a nurse so she went out to Uganda to help the children and families out there. Our five year old twins were very curious and wanted to learn more about Uganda. I showed them on a map where Uganda was and we talked about what animals live there etc. However, looking on a… [Read More]

Work around the Globe: A Global Comparison

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of the population work. I’ve worked ever since I was 16 and I’ve had various jobs with very different wages and working environments. I think that most employed people will do anything to make their working lives easier, but when you look at the infographic below I think I’m pretty lucky to be working in the UK. Centrix put together this infographic which compares the way Australia, the UK, Sweden, the US, Brazil, South Africa and Germany work, examining factors like minimum hourly wage and annual leave. Before I had children… [Read More]

Love Christmas Ltd Review and Competition

Can you believe that there are only 63 days to go until Christmas! It feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating our twins first Christmas and now all of a sudden it’s come around again! In 2013, Twin Daddy and I moved into our home the week before Christmas. We made sure that we had a Christmas Tree up with some lights and decorations on for our girls to look at, but that was the only decoration we had. This year will be different! We plan on having more decorations, lights and even more tinsel! We were lucky to… [Read More]