Bye bye play group! Hello play date!

A little while ago I wrote about how I felt lonely at one particular play group. We go to a few groups over the course of the week. Since my last post I have had two ‘play dates’ with another mum in our homes. We both went to the play group mentioned above, but both found it busy and it lacked toys for children to play with. I took a brave step and asked her if she wanted to skip play group the following week and come over mine. She agreed! I kind of felt bad to start with. Almost as… [Read More]

CBeebies Live! Justin and Friends: Mr Tumbles Circus Review

Justin Fletcher has to be one of the best children’s entertainers of our time. His range of characters such as Mr Tumble, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble are funny, engaging and I’m pretty sure every child loves them! I bought our tickets last year and although it’s been a long wait, it was definitely worth it! The show started with Arthur Sleep coming up on the screen with a ‘newsflash’ to let people know the show would start soon. The characters, Andy, Kat, Gem and Robert the Robot all came onto stage followed by Justin.  Whilst everyone is getting ready… [Read More]

The truth about having twins

Having a baby is a life changing experience for anyone. Having twins, triplets or more is even more life changing! People often ask me how I do it. How do you cope with twins? How do you deal with them? My answer is always the same. The same way you would deal with one baby. I just do it one child at a time! Having twins brings with it so many complications, but it also brings many joyous things too – and I’m pleased to say that the good outweigh the bad!  Even if I have to remind myself of… [Read More]

Our Christmas Day

Can you believe Christmas is over already? As fast as it came around, it’s gone again. I hope you all had a great time, we certainly did! At the time of the twins first Christmas they were only 8 months old. They couldn’t unwrap their own presents, but the joy of seeing them play with their new toys made it such a special day for us all. Their first Christmas in 2012 was quite a hectic one. We’d planned in advance what we would be doing, who we would be seeing and where we would be going, but on the… [Read More]

Finding Mummy Friends (continued)

I wrote a post (click here to view) a while ago about how to make friends with other mums. I explained how I found it diffcult to find someone to chat with at baby group each week because most of the mums already knew each other. I would say hello and have a brief chat with a few people, but nothing of any consequence.  Well, that has changed! Two ladies arrived at baby group one day who had never been before and we started chatting. I got on well with both, but one in particular, who we’ll call K. K has… [Read More]

Finding Mummy Friends

Before our twins were born I didn’t have many friends outside of work. I have my twin sister which is great but friends from school have all moved away or had families of their own and were too busy or too far away to socialise. Now that our twins are here and they’re almost 16 months old, I would love to have some mummy friends that I can meet in the park or just go places with or simply pop round for a cuppa whilst the babies play. I wonder though how do you go about making mummy friends when… [Read More]