Mealtime battles! Just eat your food!

One of the most frustrating things for me as a parent is the relationship that our girls have with food. They love fruit. M will eat blueberries like sweets and they eat bananas, oranges and grapes in abundance. Every Sunday we have a cooked chicken dinner with lots of veg and the girls always eat their brocolli. So, what’s the problem you may be wondering? Aside from Sunday dinner and their fruit eating moments, dinner time has become a battle. Mainly with R to be honest! Breakfast is ok, but when it comes to lunch and dinner I feel like… [Read More]

Hobbycraft Fourth Birthday Cake Project

Our twin girls turned four years old last weekend and I knew that I wanted to make them an extra special cake. The thing is our girls have such different tastes that one cake with one design just wouldn’t cut it. R loves Spiderman and M loves Peppa Pig, so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Once I’d found something that I thought would be perfect for our girls – a half Spiderman and half Peppa Pig cake, I contacted Hobbycraft to see if they would be interested in working with me on creating the cake. Luckily for me… [Read More]

You’re four years old today!

Dear R and M, Today is your fourth birthday party. I still can’t quite believe that you’re actually four years old. It feels like only yesterday mummy and daddy were driving up to the hospital to meet you both. Things didn’t quite go to plan. The consultant decided that it was best to bring you both into the world a little earlier than planned, but my goodness me you were both so strong, determined and you both fought with every single bit of strength that you had. The last four years have been pretty amazing. Tough and stressful at times… [Read More]

M’s first ballet class

You’d think that having twins would mean that our girls have the same likes and dislikes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. M is girly. She loves princesses, fairies and ballet. R isn’t as girly and loves football, spiderman and Captain America. Of course she also likes princesses and fairies, but nowhere near as much as her football and the other things mentioned above. If you asked R about ballet, she would probably say that she doesn’t like it. When a new ballet class started yesterday I asked M if she wanted to go. She very keen, as… [Read More]

Hijack My Flatpack!

Did you know that 66% of people who buy furniture, buy flatpack furniture. The main reason for this is down to the cost, with 52% of people saying that price was the main factor in making their purchase. When I buy furniture price is one of the main things that I consider along with what the item looks like, and how easy it is to put together. That being said not all flat packed furniture is pretty, but if it serves the purpose that you need it for then sometimes we buy them regardless of their aesthetics. In the video… [Read More]

Organising a birthday party for four year old twins!

Who would have thought that organising a birthday party for four year olds would be so stressful! R and M started nursery in September 2015 so I was pretty relived that I’d have the chance to go to a few birthday parties before I’d have to start planning our girls party. I was hoping they’d provide me with some information and inspiration about what to do. The first party was in a hall with a lot of children. I think the whole nursery class were invited. It was a joint party so I could understand the amount of children there…. [Read More]

Today is our fourth year wedding anniversary

Who would have thought that this day would come. The day that my husband, Nigel and I got married four years ago. People said we wouldn’t last, but I think it’s fair to say that love has proven those people wrong. We’re still just as much in love now as we were when we first met. We’ve been through a lot together and we’re always there together. Standing with one another. We now have beautiful twin girls who are nearly four years old. It’s amazing to think that four years ago today, they were at our wedding. They hadn’t been… [Read More]

Diet Chef Review: Week 4

It’s my last week of Diet Chef. In my last update I expressed that I felt a little bored with the options I had chosen for my evening meals. This hasn’t changed, but I think if I were to continue or if I were to pay for Diet Chef myself I would definitely spend a little more time choosing my meals and ensuring that I had enough variety. In total I’ve lost 8lbs in 4 weeks, which when you think about is pretty good. That’s just over half a stone. I haven’t lost any weight since last week, which again is a… [Read More]

Tiny Bike Balance Bike Review from Fun4Kids

I’ve been debating for a little while now about whether to get our girls a balance bike each or a trike. I took to Twitter to ask some other Mums and Dads for their opinions and experiences and the majority suggested a balance bike. Our girls already have a Scuttlebug each, which is a three wheeled ride on, but it’s not suitable for outdoor use as it has caster wheels. Plus our girls are getting a bit big for them now. They’ve been great though! We were recently sent one Tiny Balance Bike from Fun4Kids and I purchased another one too. We… [Read More]

MAM Starter Cup Review

I was delighted to have recently been given the opportunity to review the MAM starter cup.  We started weaning our twins around 2 months ago and at the same time introduced a ‘first’ cup to our girls which we filled with water. They have this with each of their 3 meals a day.  The MAM starter cup is small and light making it perfect for small hands to hold. This cup is ideal for children from four months and it holds up to 150ml.  The handles are non-slip and the spout is extra soft so it feels good to babies… [Read More]