Fairy Picnic Basket Review

With the Easter holidays in full swing, we’ve been enjoying Easter egg hunts, Easter themed crafts and some lovely days out. On the days where the weather doesn’t allow us to go out though, we’ve been having lots of fun playing indoors and making up games. We were recently two lovely fairy picnic basket toy sets rom My Fairy Garden UK. It comes with everything Fairy Blossom and her bunny friend need to enjoy a lovely picnic indoors or out in the garden! The cute little picnic basket doubles up as a home for Fairy Blossom and her bunny friend, plus… [Read More]

My Fairy Garden Watering Can Review

Fairy watering can

Back in 2015, our twin girls helped me to make a fairy garden. Ever since then, the fairies have been quite clever in leaving surprises and gifts out for our girls when they’ve been good. It happens without warning. Usually when I’m on my way to pick the girls up from school. Whilst I’m out the fairies might make the girls their tea and have it ready on the table for them when they come home. Other times they’ve left little gifts like small jars of fairy dust or perhaps a new reading book, but this time they really have… [Read More]

My Sewing Projects: Poppet Dolls aka Dummy Fairies

Our twins are four years old. Actually, four and a half years old. They’ve been going to nursery for two and a half hours a day for just under a year, and they’re starting school in the next few days.   I think it’s fair to say that it’s time we ditched the dummies. In fairness the girls rarely have one during the day, although M does have a habit of asking me many times during the day for one in an attempt to wear me down, which on occasion I have given into!    Come 5pm though and that’s… [Read More]

The Magic Door Store Fairy Door Review

Today’s review follows on rather nicely from yesterdays fairy garden post. As our fairies had already moved in, it was time to add some real magical memories for our girls. The Magic Door Store sent us a fairy door to review recently and I knew exactly where I wanted it to go! Whilst the girls were busy playing downstairs I sneaked upstairs, into their bedroom and stuck the fairy door onto the wall in their bedroom! The fairy door comes with self adhesive wall putty that hold it in place securely on the wall. You’ll just need to make sure you… [Read More]

Ocean Fairy Homes Challenge

Ocean Finance recently challenged a number of bloggers to take part in a campaign to create a bespoke fairy garden home. As a mum of twin girls I knew this would be a challenge I couldn’t turn down! I love the innocence and magic that being a child can have so when I told my girls that some fairies would be leaving us some things to create a magical garden for them, they were both super excited! We were given £40 to spend and I think we spent it pretty wisely. Being a keen gardener I already had a patio… [Read More]

Wooden Fairy Cake Stand & Cakes and Wooden Fairy Biscuit Review

Wooden toys have been around since before I was even born. They’re durable, easy to clean and great fun for children to play with. We were recently sent a Fairy Wooden Cake Stand & Cakes and Fairy Wooden Biscuits to review from Lucy Locket.  Last year we bought our girls a play kitchen and they still play with it pretty much every day. They love pretending to cook and wash up the dishes! This year we’ve bought them a wooden play shop and these fairy cakes and biscuits will go so well with it! We can sit the cake stand on the counter next to the till… [Read More]

Blaze On Fairy Light Review

With Christmas just around the corner what perfect timing to review some fabulously, cute fairy lights from Blaze On! Blaze On was started by Lisa, Blaise and her family. Ten years ago they left their city life behind them and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. Weeks turned into years and during their time in Thailand they made great friends and had the chance to explore the rich culture. Whilst there they learnt of a more balanced and ethical way of life. Upon their return to the UK, they had an idea to collaborate and take their many talents further –… [Read More]

It's too soon! The twins start nursery!

I can’t believe that our beautiful, little girls will be starting nursery in April. Where did all the time go? I remember sitting on our worn out black sofa in our top floor flat thinking about what would happen the following day. It was the night before our twins were going to be born. I was both nervous and excited, but also terrified! I’d never had an operation before and yet tomorrow would be the biggest of my life. A planned C-section. I was 34 weeks pregnant and our twins would be delivered six weeks early. We knew they were… [Read More]

The Dummy Fairy Workshop Review

I’ve blogged previously about my attempts to wean our girls off their dummies and for a short while it worked.  Somehow though we’ve slipped back into old habits and have been allowing the girls to have their dummies during the day.  Ideally the only time I want them to have a dummy is for nap and bed time.  Around two weeks ago I started working on reducing the amount of time that the girls have their dummies. It’s actually gone better than the last time I tried as R hasn’t asked for her dummy as much as she did last… [Read More]

Operation Dummy Fairy

Dummies can be an important source of sanity for many new parents. Allowing them to comfort their crying baby quicker and more easily than those who don’t use dummies. Before our daughters were born I was adamant that I would never use a dummy. I always told myself that there had to be a better way to comfort a crying baby, but when it’s 2am and you just want to sleep you’ll try anything! When our daughters were in special care I informed all of the nurses that I didn’t want our daughters to have dummies. Imagine my horror when… [Read More]