The Treat Box Company Review

‘Treats’ is a funny word isn’t it? When I think of treats for children, toys and food such as chocolate or sweets come to mind. One of my friends has ‘treat days’ for her children and it works really well for her. Do you have treat days or give your children treats? If so, The Treat Box Company, will probably be of interest to you. As a mum to four year old twins I think they’re a pretty cool idea.  Started by Janine, The Treat Box Company provides treat boxes, reward boxes and pre-filled party boxes. I wish I’d known… [Read More]

Jacket & Backpack Review from The Enchanted Company

Finding clothes that both of our twin girls like can be challenging. They both have very different tastes. R loves the colour blue and pretty much refuses to wear anything pink, whereas M loves the colour pink.  When I was asked to choose something to review from The Enchanted Company I knew straight away that these country quilted jackets would be perfect. Although mainly blue, the pink buttons and embroidered ‘EF’ initial are pink so we have a happy medium!  The inside of the jacket is pink with cute bunny images printed on it. I absolutely love the quilted effect… [Read More]

Christmas Gifts for Men

Socks Socks are a true Christmas staple in our household and I’m sure in many other peoples too! This year why not add a little luxury to your gift. Thanks to David Gandy and the London Sock Company you can do just that! The style God has worked with the fashion-forward sock brand to create a limited edition gift set which oozes British heritage for the modern gentleman.  Each gift set includes the ‘Simply Sartorial Skye Blue’, Limited Edition Winter Houndstooth’ and ‘Spotted in Shoreditch’, pairs packaged in a luxury gift box. My personal favourite is the Limited Edition Winter… [Read More]

Gro-Clock Review

Getting children to wake at a ‘reasonable’ time in the mornings is probably one of the biggest problems that every parent faces. I remember that for the first six months of our girls lives they slept all night without waking. I’d actually have to wake them to give them their bottle! I thought it was brilliant and for some reason I thought it would last forever! Sadly it didn’t and as soon as their first tooth starting pushing through, sleep went out the window. At almost three years old our sleeping arrangements aren’t the best, but they work for us! R in fairness does sleep in… [Read More]

Two-by-Two Noahs Ark Review

When buying a gift for twins, there’s actually quite a lot to think about. Do you buy them one gift each or one to share? If you do buy them one gift each, should you buy them the same thing so there’s not arguments over who gets what, or should you buy them something different? I guess, it depends on the age of the children to start with. I mean for baby twins, they really don’t know it’s Christmas so it doesn’t matter if you buy them something different each, if you even buy them anything at all that is! For toddlers, I… [Read More]

Blaze On Fairy Light Review

With Christmas just around the corner what perfect timing to review some fabulously, cute fairy lights from Blaze On! Blaze On was started by Lisa, Blaise and her family. Ten years ago they left their city life behind them and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. Weeks turned into years and during their time in Thailand they made great friends and had the chance to explore the rich culture. Whilst there they learnt of a more balanced and ethical way of life. Upon their return to the UK, they had an idea to collaborate and take their many talents further –… [Read More]

National Twin Day UK and The Twins Gift Company Review

National Twin Day UK will take place in Wicksteed Park in Kettering on 13th September and it’s set to be the biggest gathering of twins, triplets and multiples in the UK. To honour this special occasions, The Twins Gift Company has released a beautiful selection of unique gifts, and will be donating 10% of proceeds on the day to The Department of Twin Research run by St Thomas’ Hospital. The Twins Gift Company kindly sent us two hand crochet Cheeky Monkey Toys for us to review. They’re available in pink and green for just £18.00 each. We were sent two… [Read More]