John Adams Craft Club: Blo Pens Glitter Studio, Pixelo Neon & eZee Bead Review

John Adams have recently launched a Craft Club Facebook Page and to celebrate we’ve been sent some crafty products to review. John Adams believe that variety is key. This is why they love bringing people together through games, toys and puzzles. They make toys and games that encourage creativity and provoke interesting talking points. We were sent the following products: Pixelo Neon eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes Blo Pens Glitter Studio Pixelo Neon I had never heard of Pixelo Neon before until we received it through the post. Aimed at children aged six and over, children can create vibrant, colourful artwork… [Read More]

Craft Club Box Review: Watermelon Purse

I love crafts and sewing! Back in April of this year I reviewed my first ever Craft Club Box and made a super cute triangle pouch. Since April I’ve taken on and completed a lot of my own personal sewing projects, from cuddly toys to mermaid tail blankets more! This months Craft Club Box was a super cute watermelon purse! As always, you don’t just get the items you need to make the craft, you also get some extras to feed your fabric and craft stash with! Something us sewing enthusiasts love to do! In this months box I found:  … [Read More]

Craft Club Box Review

I recently wrote a post about Craft Club Box and their subscription box service. If you haven’t read it, why not pop over and take a look! Put simply, Craft Club Box offers customers the chance to buy a subscription and receive a new box by post every month. Each box comes with a sewing kit which includes instructions, as well as extra craft products to grow your collection. You even get an eMagazine via email to help support you. I’m super excited that I was sent the April box to review. The box is small enough to fit through a letter… [Read More]

Introducing Craft Club Box Subscription Box

Crafting is a pretty popular hobby amongst both men and women. Children also enjoy the fun and creativity that making something can provide. I, myself also enjoy crafts and have worked on many different projects using varying techniques. I made a quilt for our twin girls each using their old baby clothes. I’ve recently learnt how to arm knit so have made the girls and I a scarf each, plus a blanket for myself. R and M, my four year old twins, love my blanket so much that I’ve had to order more wool so that I can make them… [Read More]

Questions For My Mum

Since becoming a mum I have found myself thinking about my mum more and more. Don’t get me wrong, before our twins were born I would often think about my mum. I would relive memories of her in my mind. One of my favourite memories of my mum was on holiday, Spain, I think. My dad, sister, mum and me went to a water park and I always remember my mum on this one water slide. You could hear her scream from miles away and as she left the slide and splashed into the water, she stood up and the… [Read More]

Guest Post for My Family Club

Weaning the Twins: Making Home Made Baby Food I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to write a guest post for As a mum of premature twins, I have been unsure as to when I should start weaning my girls. They were born 6 weeks early and although current advice is to start weaning around 6 months, I had heard from other parents of premature babies that they didn’t wean their babies until past 6 months.  With this in mind, I wanted to ensure that I was prepared. I’m very keen on the idea of making my… [Read More]