Well done John Lewis! Clothes for boys and girls

There has been a lot of backlash lately about the decision made by John Lewis to get rid of their boys and girls section of clothing. The decision means that all children’s clothes will simply come under the same label of ‘Boys and Girls’. Now, in today’s society it’s impossible to please everyone. You’re always going to get people who disagree with this just as much as you’ll get people who agree with this decision. It’s the people who take things to the extreme that annoy me most. The people who come out and say that their child identifies as… [Read More]

How smart are your clothes?

Fashion for men isn’t a topic that I cover very often on my blog. I usually talk about it in the run up to a special occasion such as Fathers Day or perhaps my husbands birthday. Having said that, fashion is something I take a keen interest in. I love the way my husband dresses. It’s casual, like my own personal style, yet comfortable and on trend. On the odd occasion though we are required to ‘dress up’ and opt for something a bit smarter. The thing is my wardrobe isn’t very ‘smart’. It consists of three pairs of blue… [Read More]

My venture into dress making (and shorts!)

Back in February of this year I pledged to be more crafty and I like to think that so far I have been very crafty! I’ve made bunting, a table cloth and also a triangle pouch! My favourite thing that I’ve made so far though has to be a dress and a pair of shorts that I made for our twin girls. R and M have very different styles. M loves her dresses, whereas R loves her shorts and jeans.  This is a very photo heavy post, but I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to make these as they’ve turned… [Read More]

Jacket & Backpack Review from The Enchanted Company

Finding clothes that both of our twin girls like can be challenging. They both have very different tastes. R loves the colour blue and pretty much refuses to wear anything pink, whereas M loves the colour pink.  When I was asked to choose something to review from The Enchanted Company I knew straight away that these country quilted jackets would be perfect. Although mainly blue, the pink buttons and embroidered ‘EF’ initial are pink so we have a happy medium!  The inside of the jacket is pink with cute bunny images printed on it. I absolutely love the quilted effect… [Read More]

8 Tips for Organising Your Kids Clothes

If you’ve invested in a beautiful wardrobe for your little one, then it makes sense to keep it organised and tidy. Children grow so fast that it’s really easy for some of their clothes to be barely worn and end up at the back of their wardrobe or drawers. An organised approach will allow you to rotate and prioritise clothes so that your child gets to show off their finery every day. Follow Strawberry Children’s step by step for getting sorted with ease. Why not pop your little one in their cot with some toys as you work through the… [Read More]

Frilly Lily Dolls Clothes Review

Like most young children, our girls love their baby dolls. They enjoy playing with them and acting our various scenarios with them. They’ll cuddle them, make them a bed out of pillows and blankets, pretend to change their nappies and even give them a bottle of milk. This type of pretend play is great for developing children’s cognitive development. Over the past few weeks we’ve been reviewing some wonderful dolls clothes from Frilly Lily. Frilly Lily was started by mum of four, Bridget. Like many mums she wanted a job that meant she could be at home with her children… [Read More]

JD Williams Clothing Review

JD Williams is the UK’s leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands. A quick online search tells you that they offer value plus size clothing in sizes 12-34 plus underwear and footwear. I’m a size 12 and a healthy weight so I don’t class myself as plus size, but some companies do view size 12 as plus size. Anyway, moving on… I was sent three lovely items to review from JD Williams. The first of which is this gorgeous Neppy Jersey Tunic. I chose in light olive, but it does also come in black and raspberry…. [Read More]

Joules Field Welly Review

I recently discovered Joules after finding a gift from them in my Britmums Live goody bag. A beautiful, multi-coloured fabric key ring. Joules sell a range of clothes for men, women and children. You’ll find anything from dresses to hats, scarves and wellies for sale on their website. They also sell a range of home and outdoor items such as pet bedding, stationary and beach towels. Started by Tom Joule over 30 years ago, he first started selling his products at country equestrian and outdoor events. He realised one day that clothing didn’t reflect people’s personalities and so Joules was born. Joules are all about colour and detail…. [Read More]

House of Fraser Children's Clothes Review

For many people dressing twins the same is seen as cute, quirky and adorable. I don’t disagree with this, but for me I’d rather embrace our twins individuality. That’s not to say that they won’t be caught wearing the same cardigan or the same jeans though, but they will have different tops! House of Fraser recently contacted me about reviewing some of their beautiful children’s clothes. I chose a dress each, a pair of shoes each and a headband each. Although the shoes and headbands are matching – to save arguments over who gets which one – I chose two… [Read More]