Three things to consider when buying a family home

Finding the perfect property is usually much easier said than done. Whether you’re just starting the search to buy a family home or you’ve been looking for months (or even years) without any luck, the key to finding the right property often comes down to three main factors—lifestyle, location and budget. Let’s take a look at these in a little more depth… How well it suits your family Functionality is one of the most important factors when buying a house. Before you waste hours browsing through listings and rushing to open houses, it’s a smart move to invest a little… [Read More]

Just Bought Your First Home? Here’s How To Decorate And Furnish On A Budget

Image source If you’re about to buy your first home or you’ve just moved in, you’ll understand the sense of overwhelming excitement and fear that consumes you when you realise that you have to decorate and furnish a new house. On the one hand, the idea of finally being able to imprint your personality on a property is really fun. But on the other hand, the sheer cost is quite scary, and what if you decorate it and don’t even like it? Well, don’t panic. It’s certainly possible to decorate and furnish your new home on a tight budget, and… [Read More]

We're homeless

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit extreme, but that’s kind of how my husband and I feel at the moment. We’ve been renting for around ten years and in that time have lived in two homes. The first was a second floor flat with a balcony. It suited our purpose when it was just the two of us, but when R and M came along we felt we had to move. We needed more space and to be on the ground floor with a garden. We were very lucky that the first place we found was… [Read More]

Top tips to help teach children the time

1. Encourage children from an early age to count. Counting will help children to understand the concept of time such as seconds and minutes. When your child can count to 60, it’s a good time to start exploring time in more detail 2. Talk to your children about the time. Explain to them when things will happen. For example: “At one o’clock we’re going to the park” or “We’ll go to the park in ten minutes” 3. Invest in a child friendly watch. The Watch Hut is a good place to start looking. Ensure the watch face is clear and the… [Read More]

Buying a House

All my life I have lived in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. I was raised in the northern suburb of Rhiwbina and I have lots of fond memories of this beautiful village. I remember my sister and I would walk to the Monico cinema which was only about five minutes away, to see the latest film. The Monico was the last independent cinema in Cardiff when it was demolished in 2003, after 65 years of business. It’s a shame really because it was one of Rhiwbina’s biggest attractions.  Having said that, you can drive to the Showcase cinema in Nantgarw… [Read More]