Before you were born we used to….

Before you were born we used to…   Be silly and throw cold cups of water over one another when in the shower   Watch TV whilst snuggled up together on the sofa    Fall asleep together on the sofa   Go to the cinema (a lot!)   I remember one time we had a snow ball fight   Go on city breaks! Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Valencia and more!   It’s funny how things change after our children are born. Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we once were. Our lives and every waking thought is filled with our children…. [Read More]

Before You Sleep: Book Review

Every night I read our twin girls a bed time story. They love listening to the story each book has, and they really enjoy looking at the pictures, asking questions and using their imaginations to talk about what they can see on the page. Books are so important to us and our girls already have a pretty impressive collection! I don’t think I can ever say no to receiving a children’s book to review! We were sent the beautiful, entrancing children’s picture book, ‘Before You Sleep’, to review and we just love it! Written by Benji Bennett, ‘Before You Sleep’… [Read More]

Think before you flush those wet wipes! Plus your chance to win a £25 Boots Voucher!

We’ve all been there, especially if have children! You flush one wet wipe down the toilet and think what’s the harm? Before you know it you’re regularly flushing them down the loo. However, one day you notice that there’s a funny smell in your bathroom, perhaps also outside your home. You also notice that your toilet isn’t flushing as it should be. All of those wet wipes that you thought weren’t doing any harm, have actually caused a big problem, and one that my husband and I know all about! In the early days of having twin babies, it was… [Read More]

The Night Before Christmas Book Review

The Night Before Christmas is a classic Christmas book that many parents will be familiar with. This all time classic by Clement C. Moore tells the story of one households experience on the night before Christmas. It’s a classic rhyme with enchanting, modern illustrations from acclaimed young illustrator Harriet Muncaster. This was a book that was read many times over and over again on Christmas eve by me. R and M, our soon to be four year old twin girls, loved this book! They smiled with delight at the pictures of Santa. The rhyming made it easy to read and… [Read More]

Nights in now verses nights in before kids

Before my husband and I had children we spent our evenings either in the cinema, going out somewhere for food or doing something else away from home. It was on very rare occasions that you’d find us spending the night at home. Since having children our evenings have changed considerably. My husband and I haven’t had a night out together since our twins were born over three years ago! I had my first girly night out two weeks ago (post coming soon) and it was lovely, although odd to be out as opposed to at home with the girls sleeping… [Read More]

30 By 30 Update

In 2013 I created my 30 by 30 list. It’s kind of like a bucket list, but rather than being a list of things to do before you die, it’s a list of 30 things to do by the time you’re 30. If you’d like to read my full list, click here. I thought I would write a little update on how things are going so far. Number one on my list is to buy a house and I’m pleased to say that as every day passes we’re one step closer to making this a reality. I hope to buy a house in… [Read More]

Before You Were Born Meme

Marrakech Do you remember what life was like before you had children? I was browsing through some photos the other day of our life before our daughters were born and it brought back many wonderful memories! I thought I would start a meme for all of us Mummy and Daddy’s so that we can remember the people we all were before our children were born. Sometimes I think we forget that as well as being a Mummy or Daddy we’re also ourselves. I’ve written a number of questions that I’ll be answering about what life was like before our daughters… [Read More]