Chicco Arrow Balance Bike Review

As a busy mum I’m always trying to think of new ways to get the kids to spend more time outdoors instead of cooped up inside in front of the TV. My twin girls already have a pedal bike each, but if I’m on my own with them both and they want to go to the park on their bikes, it’s really difficult for me to manage them both on pedal bikes on my own. You see they both need help steering and quite often the wheels on their pedal bikes get stuck if the ground is uneven. That’s why… [Read More]

How to Have a Happy Family Life


Maintaining a happy family can be a tricky challenge when you’re trying to juggle work, finances the kids, your partner and anything else life throws at you! So what can you do to ensure domestic harmony in your home? Balance Your Work and Home Life Try not to consistently spend too much time in the office. Children will be able to sense if you have brought work-stress home with you on an evening so if possible, take 10 minutes to yourself to relax before spending time with the kids. Studies show that children benefit from eating their meals at the… [Read More]

3 Games to Help Encourage Children to Get into Science


Children are born with a great deal of curiosity. Toddlers have endless enthusiasm for finding out how things work, wondering what happens when they drop their toy from their pram (over and over), and wanting to know what ‘hot’ really means with an outstretched finger! So, encourage children – from the early years right through to primary school – to get into science by feeding their innate curiosity with these three games… 1. Building bridges – for the early years If you’re supervising very young children, why not have a go at building bridges using toy blocks? Building bridges out… [Read More]

Improving a toddlers balance

I have three year old twins and they have had all manner of bikes. From balance bikes, three wheeled ones, wooden ones and ride on ones. They now have two. A small plastic one that’s only suitable for indoor use and a proper 12” girls bike with stabilisers. They also have a scooter each. Of course we’ve bought them the appropriate safety gear such as helmets, knee and elbow pads. It’s funny how different the girls are on their scooters and bikes. M is pretty confident. She’s a bit of a daredevil. She likes to go fast and if she… [Read More]

Mini Micro Scooter Review

A little while ago I was debating whether or not to get our girls a bike. I couldn’t decide between a trike or a balance bike. After asking around on Twitter the general consensus was to go for a balance bike, so that’s exactly what we did. Sadly, a number of months after buying the balance bikes they’ve barely been used. It never even crossed my mind to get a scooter each for the girls. I’d seen children the same age as our girls and older going around on scooters, but I only ever thought about a bike. When micro-scooters kindly agreed to… [Read More]

The perfect work/life balance

Is there such a thing as the perfect work/life balance? Before I had children I had a full time job working in a call centre.  I would work Monday to Friday and also the occasional weekend and late shift. Weekends were spent with my husband either going out somewhere nice for the day or usually lazing on the sofa on a Sunday watching TV. Since becoming a mum I reduced my hours from 38 hours a week to 16. This means I work two days a week and spend the rest of the week with my girls.  Not long after… [Read More]