Top Adventure Holidays in Europe

Finding adventure isn’t always easy, it requires a lot of thought and effort to find an adventure which will not only challenge you and bring you experienced, but actually impact your life for the future. Going on an adventure can bring you skills which can be applied to future tasks and form you into the person you achieve to be. That’s why… Norway is simply one of the most stunning places in Europe, and the best possible way to take in all in, is by travelling through car across the most secluded parts of the country. The road will take… [Read More]

Little Passports – A Global Adventure! Review

I first of heard of Little Passports through social media. A few of the people I follow had mentioned them and after seeing an advert I was intrigued to learn more. Little Passports was started by two mums who also happened to be best friends with a shared vision. They wanted to inspire their children to learn about the world and that’s something I’m pretty passionate about too. Our twin girls are almost four years old and they know that we live in Cardiff, which is in Wales. They know what the welsh flag looks like too! In 2009, Amy and… [Read More]

Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure Theatre Show Review

Last month we went to see ‘What the ladybird heard‘ in the New Theatre, Cardiff. It was our twins first time going to see a show and they absolutely loved it! We’ve been lucky enough to have actually gone to our second theatre show today! ‘Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure’ at the New Theatre, Cardiff. This show is on today and tomorrow in the New Theatre at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. The suggested age is 2+ and the running time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Our twins are almost three years old and they really enjoyed this… [Read More]

Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure comes to Cardiff!

Last month, my husband and I introduced our twins to the magical world of theatre by taking them to see ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ in our local theatre in Cardiff. They both enjoyed the show so much and ever since they’ve been asking to go back and watch it again! I’ve added the trailer for the show to my favourites on my you tube channel because they just love watching it! Next month we’ll be taking them to see their second theatre show – The Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure. If you’re not familiar already, the Octonauts is a children’s… [Read More]

Mini adventures in Devon – Haven Devon Cliffs Review

Travelling anywhere with children takes time and quite often a lot of preparation. Making sure you’ve packed everything from favourite toys, blankets and comforters to snacks, games, clothes and more. It can be an almost military operation! When it comes to going on holiday with toddlers – well that’s a whole other story! I’m a mum to two year old twin girls. They’re cheeky, adventurous and love running around and having fun! With this in mind we decided to go on holiday to Devon. More specifically Haven’s Devon Cliffs Caravan Park. The caravan park appeared to have everything we needed to keep our girls… [Read More]

First Trip to Soft Play

I’ve wanted to take the girls to soft play for some time now but unfortunately the local leisure center changed the time of their soft play session from the morning to the afternoon which meant we couldn’t go as it’s during our girls nap time. It took me a little while of searching online but I managed to find another soft play center about a 10 minute drive from us. So today we ventured into the world of soft play! They opened at 10am which is perfect for us as I gave the girls a snack at 9.30am and then… [Read More]