Getting the Car Ready for Summer: 10 Top Tips

Every time winter rolls around, I see guides popping up here, there and everywhere with tips for keeping your car safe in the colder months. What about keeping your car safe in the summer though. Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to find out in this post! Depending on the age of your car, you may not need to do all, if any of the tips listed below. This is because newer cars require less maintenance. This is mainly due to advances to in technology. Gone are the days where you’d need to change the oil in your car every… [Read More]

10 Garden Activities with Chalk

Chalk is a wonderful thing. You can use it to draw on boards, floors and even paper. You can use it to practise letter writing, drawing pictures or to play games. I recently picked up a pack of outdoor chalk from ASDA for our twin girls and I was pretty amazed at just how many different games and activities we managed to do with the chalks. I thought I’d share them with you! They’re perfect for a warm summers day in the garden. Hop Scotch I know, I know, Hop Scotch in the picture is below has been drawn wrong!… [Read More]

10 Truths about being a parent

Being a parent can test you right to your very limits at times! It’s something you have to experience to truly understand. When I was pregnant I had all of these idealised ideas in my head about how things would be when our twins were born. I don’t think I was alone in thinking that though. I imagine a lot of other expectant parents probably feel the same way.  Hindsight is a funny thing isn’t it! Looking back now I can laugh about how naive I was at times, but it’s all a learning curve and one that I’m very mush still enjoying…. [Read More]

Six ways to make money online

As a mum who works part time I like to find various ways to make money. I like to think I’m quite entrepreneurial, so when you add that to my passion for creativity and my thirst for learning new things it makes me pretty determined! Before I had children I worked full time, five days a week, but I also had a few other incomes including selling a particular brand of make-up door-to-door. I love earning my own money and being able to provide for my family without having to rely on anyone else. After the birth of our children,… [Read More]

Things I do that irritate my husband

I was tagged by my husband, Nigel, from DIY Daddy to write about the things I do that irritate him.  These are the six things that I think I do that irritate him. 1. As soon as he comes home from work I’m in his face telling him all about our day and showing him pictures that I’ve taken of our girls that day! 2. I follow him around the house for no reason at all. I almost stalk him! 3. I can be a bit annoying first thing in the morning – he’s not really a happy morning person, whereas when I wake I’m happy… [Read More]

10 things to do in and around Cardiff for under £30

We’re now well into half term and that often means parents start to run out of ideas for ways in which they can entertain their children. Staying in can become boring quickly so make life less boring and try out one of the following ways to keep the kids entertained in Cardiff for under £30! 1. Go fruit-picking! There are lots of places in and around Cardiff that you can visit for a few hours and take home some freshly picked fruit at the same time! I recently took my three year old twins to Hendrewennol which is a pick… [Read More]

Ten things to do when your child starts nursery depending on your mood

My twin girls will be starting nursery in September. It’s only two and a half hours, but it’ll the slowest two and a half hours ever! I have a range of mixed emotions about them starting nursery school. They’ve always been looked after in their own home by either my husband or I, or my dad. They’ve never been away from home without mummy or daddy so it’ll be a strange and new experience for all of us. I’ve talked to them a lot about starting nursery and have explained that mummy and daddy won’t be staying with them, but… [Read More]

10 Twin Parenting Hacks

Being a mum to twins is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, at times it’s been stressful, but for the majority of the time every day is pretty amazing. Watching my girls laugh and play together is the best sight in the world. At the end of every day when we all cuddle up ready for bed, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Lucky that I have happy, healthy children. Over the last three years I’ve learnt a lot of things about raising twins, but here are a few of the best: 1…. [Read More]

10 Year Anniversary of Mums Death

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of my mums death. I was 18 years old when she passed away from ovarian cancer. She’d been battling cancer for a number of years. I can’t remember exactly how old I was when my parents sat me down to tell my sister and I. I can’t remember how I reacted either. What I can remember is this. The first few years weren’t too bad. Well,  weren’t too bad in terms of having cancer, which as you can imagine is pretty bad. My parents obviously shielded my sister and I from most of the details, but I do… [Read More]

10 Things I wish I’d known about raising girls

When you first found out you were expecting, you probably spent hours reading every baby book you could get your hands on. While some of the information might have stuck in your head, the reality is you kind of go with the flow as a parent. What works for one child might not work for another and so many a time you have to think on your feet. That said, here are 10 things I wish I’d known about raising girls.   Not all clothes have to be pink With a girl on the way, it can be tempting to… [Read More]