Selling On Ebay: How To Make Even More Money From Every Sale

About twenty years ago Ebay came out of nowhere to become one of the most recognizable brands on the internet. In that time, it’s garnered more than a million professional sellers and is now a major source of employment for people all over the world. For us moms, Ebay is an opportunity: a chance to sell all the stuff we don’t want and make some extra cash. For many of us, it’s been a lifesaver, getting us out of trouble when our finances have been stretched.

Making money on eBay is simple, but making a lot of money on the platform is more challenging. Sure, you can sell all your stuff at bargain basement prices. But how do you get more for every item you sell? Here are some tips.

Don’t Get Shortchanged


Before putting anything on Ebay, think carefully about how much it’s worth. Remember, there are lots of costs involved with putting a product on Ebay, including the Ebay fees themselves. The last thing you want is to be shortchanged and not feel as if you made the most from your sale. When you put an item up for sale on Ebay, begin the starting price having already taken Ebay’s cut into consideration. Then any additional money you get on top of that will be a bonus.

Be Picky About Delivery

People really hate paying for delivery on Ebay, especially if it’s a way of sneakily boosting the price they pay for an item. It’s a good idea, therefore, to make sure that the cost of delivery is as low as possible, using a service like Shiply. These services get quotes from hundreds of couriers for how much it’ll cost to transport a certain item and then allow you to pick the one with the lowest price. As a result, getting the price of delivery down is easy, allowing you to make more money from each sale.

Charge A Higher Price Than Competitors


You might think that charging a higher price is a bad idea. But if you can convince buyers that they’re getting higher quality, they’ll often buy from you. Take clothes, for example. Many sellers offer knock-off second-hand designer clothes on eBay in the hope that they can shift them a get a bit of money in the process. But charging a low price for clothing might give buyers the impression that there’s something wrong with it or it’s in poor condition. Charging a high price, on the other hand, is reassuring and makes customers believe that the item retains its quality. Check out what your competitors are selling for and then add to their prices.

Be Honest And Keep Your Ratings High

On Ebay, reputation is everything. Sellers with high reputation are able to charge a premium for their products because people trust them. Make sure that everybody who buys from you has a reason to give positive feedback. Being a trusted seller also enables you to sell more items every month, allowing you to make even higher profits.

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