Pimp My Greenhouse!

Ocean Loans recently challenged a small number of bloggers to take part in their my ‘Pimp My Shed’ project. I was lucky enough to be one of those bloggers chosen, although it’s not a shed I’ll be pimping, it’s my greenhouse.

I was given £75 to spend to help me give our greenhouse an overhaul. Our greenhouse is a pretty important part of our garden. For the last few years, I’ve been learning how to grow vegetables and I’m pleased to say that our four year old twin girls have been learning with me.

We’re all pretty passionate about our greenhouse and growing things, but if we have to be honest, it does look a bit boring, dull and drab!

To help brighten the green house up a bit I bought the following things:

Two super cute colourful scarecrows

Two plastic fences

Two colourful windmills

Two adorable gnomes

4 pack of sun catchers

Novelty wind chime

Welcome stone

Two decorative ball solar lights

Two cute hedgehog ornaments

Stone thermometer

‘Home grown tastes best’ metal sign

Two packs of heart shaped LED lights

LED dragonfly light set

Two fairy solar lights

Here are some before and after pictures.



I think the greenhouse looks so much better. It’s more kid friendly to start with as well, as the fence is great to stop them from wandering all over the plants. They love the scarecrows, gnomes and hedgehogs and I love the wind chimes and lights.

Now if you want to get yourself a greenhouse it’s important to know the costs first so I recommend checking some greenhouse glass suppliers before you make your first move!

Thank you Ocean Loans!

For the purpose of this post I received £75 to spend on products. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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