My Jewellery Wishlist: Accessorise your outfits!

Jewellery can be a quick and easy way to make any outfit look fabulous! When I go out with my friends I like to add some statement pieces to my outfit to make it look a bit more on trend, but also to make me feel good.

There are lots of other ways that you can accessorise an outfit too. A good pair of kitten heels, a nice scarf, maybe even a brooch or a nice hair piece. I tend to go for jewellery though because it’s quick, simple and very efficient.

Here are some of my favourite pieces.

1. Jaques Vert Crystal Flower Jewellery Set. £49.00
2. Swarovski Classy Set. £119.00
3. Swarovski Tennis Set. £159.00
4. Mikey Twisted Marquise Crystals Pearl Centre. £16.20

All of the jewellery sets featured above are available from House from Fraser.

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