Mum Moments Plus win a box of Hotel Chocolat Chocolates!

Mother's Day Mood Board

Mother's Day Mood Board

Mother’s day is a rather poignant day for me.

When I walk around the shops and see shelves full of Mother’s Day cards, aisles full of ‘Best Mum’ teddy bears and beautiful bouquets of flowers, I can’t help but feel a little sad.

You see my mum passed away when I was 18 years old.

Mum was just 50 years old. She had ovarian cancer.

I try not to think of the sad times though which is why when I was asked by Hotel Chocolat if I’d like to write about my favourite ‘Mum Moments’, I thought I’d share some of my favourite memories of my own mum, as well as share some of my own ‘Mum Moments’.

Mum was always a happy, positive person. Rarely was she sad. Every day she’d smile, even when things got tough. She was a strong lady!

One summer, mum, dad, my sister and I were on holiday. We went to a water park full of slides, pools and sunshine! Watching my mum coming down these huge water slides was hilarious!

I went on one with her which was pitch black and I can still hear her laughter to this very day! Anyway, mum went on this one water slide whilst my sister and I, along with our dad waited at the bottom for her.

As she came flying down this water slide really fast, the top of her bathing suit slid down to her waist! In typical mum style rather than pull her bathing suit back up, she ย bobbed up and down in the water laughing uncontrollably! She couldn’t control her laughter and neither could we!

Thinking back to my own ‘Mum Moments’ my very first one has to be the moment I first held my twin girls. Born six weeks premature, they were rushed straight off to incubators after their birth. I wasn’t able to hold them straight away as they needed a lot of love and care from the doctors and nurses, but that very first cuddle was the first time I truly felt like a mum.

Tears of joy rushed down my cheeks. I remember the warmth of their little bodies against mine from the heat of the incubator. The fine hairs on their backs, arms and legs. Their crinkly, wrinkly knees and their deep brown eyes. It’s a moment that will live with me forever.

First cuddles

In celebration of Mother’s Day and all of the wonderful mums out there, I’ve teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to send a box of ‘The Mother’s Day Chocolate Sleekster‘ to one lucky winner. All you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck! PS: Scroll down for some of my own images of the deliciously tasty chocolates inside the sleekster!

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43 thoughts on “Mum Moments Plus win a box of Hotel Chocolat Chocolates!

  1. Becoming a mam for the first time! I gave birth to my first and eldest son naturally and held him in my arms within seconds of his birth โ€“ it was magical!

  2. My fav moment was the birth of our Grandson, our Daughter is a fantastic Mum and we are so very proud of her.

  3. My mum moments are watching my boys grew into the fabulous little men they are. They make me proud every day!

  4. Taking mum on her first sunshine holiday to lanzarote -priceless
    She out did me every night -we went TWICE a year after that and SHE loved it x

  5. Similar to you, my mum passed away when I was just 9 years old & to be honest, I don’t remember much at all, I’m really trying to rack my brain here so to answer your question. (I don’t have children myself). I remember we went to Greece once & I remember her helping me pick limes off the trees. I also remember her slapping me on the bum when I was standing at the sink one time & her telling me she’d wash my mouth out with soap so I guess I must have said something quite bad, lol. (I wouldn’t necessarily say the latter memory is my favourite though, lol)

  6. Every night when everything is done and we can lay on the sofa with a child either side snuggling under a blanket ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My favourite mum moment was all the bike rides my mum and I went on when I was little, we packed up a yummy picnic and went off exploring in the beautiful country side! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. My son is obsessed with gymnastics so when he was picked to join the boy squad and win his first medal he was over the moon and I was so proud of him

  9. I loved driving my mum to Holland last year, the look on face when she saw all the flowers was priceless

  10. Holding my sons for the first time has to be always my favourite mum memory, I could not believe how much I loved my son and how lucky I was

  11. I think probably when my niece and God -Daughter told us her son, first and only child’s name when we visited her and baby on Maternity ward. He had been born prematurely. Parents had chosen to call him after his parent’s Grandfathers. I had a lump in my throat ( one Grandfather deceased, the other ill) I thought it a nice way to show love and Respect for their Grand- Dads. Have Mummy moments of times with my own Mother, whom I adore.

  12. After waiting 9 months to meet each of my children I have to say I have three favourite moments and that was the birth of each.

  13. These favourite “mum” moments never end,they evolve and now that I’m a grandma I can enjoy the same lovely things with my grandchildren,best of all is when they’re bathed,PJ’s on and they snuggle up for story time,just magical x

  14. My favourite mum moment was my daughters parent evening last week where’s they said she was too of class for reading and writing. I was so proud I was close to tears

  15. My top mum moment would have to be when my son said mummy for the first time, he was non verbal for a long time, it felt like I’d won the lottery!

  16. This happened a couple of days ago. My Dad asked my Mum where she had been, and she misheard him and thought he said “Where had the dog been”. So her answer was “standing at the gate barking” lol.

  17. My favourite mum moment so far has to be when my son smiled for the first time and no it wasnt wind lol

  18. Mine has to be while I was having a baby y she did all my shopping I mean everything was full food towels cleaning products it was such a treat and surprise its something I will do for my daughter she had saved up for moths apparently!

  19. I have had 5 caesereans so I’ve never been the first to hold any of my babies, however with my 4th child I had a lovely male midwife who brought my son over and said only doctors with gloves on have touched your baby, would you like to be the first to have skin to skin contact with him. I couldn’t hold him but to be the first to have that contact with him meant the absolute world to me!

  20. My best mum moment has been the joy I have given to my own mam in giving her, her first grandchild & also learning how much she has sacrificed and gave us throughout our lives by seeing how much work goes into being a mam…..wouldn’t change it for the world but boy do mums deserves gold medals ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. The birth of my second daughter is my most memorable mum moment – just has and air in a birthing pool – such a special and unique experience

  22. Every day is special but there are lots of magical moments along the way. Like the time I was dressing my son when he looked straight at me and said ‘momma’ for the first time

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