Make This Your Healthiest Summer Yet: Goals That Are Actually Achievable

Many of us take our health for granted. The trouble is that we never really know what’s around the corner, and often, it takes an unexpected scare to make us evaluate our lifestyles and introduce changes. If you’re guilty of underestimating the importance of good health, why not make it your mission to enjoy the healthiest summer ever? Here are some goals that are achievable for anyone.

Improving your diet

Are you overweight or do you tend to eat more fast food or ready meals than nutritious meals? If you don’t have the best diet, it’s never too late to make changes. Try and develop your home cooking skills by following simple, healthy recipes and prepare meals in advance if a lack of time is an excuse you use on a regular basis. Take a packed lunch to work with you and try and avoid grazing throughout the day. Drink 2 litres of water per day and hit your 5-a-day target. Swap frying for grilling, baking and steaming and opt for lean cuts of meat. It’s a good idea to moderate your intake of sugar, salt and processed foods. You don’t need to give up all the foods you love to be healthy. You can still treat yourself at the weekends. If you have limited skills in the kitchen, look for 15-minute recipes online. You may be surprised just how easy it is to rustle up a delicious, healthy meal.

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Getting to grips with a sleep routine

Most adults in the UK admit to experiencing sleep problems at some point in their lives. If you miss out on sleep on a regular basis, this can jeopardise your physical and mental health. Get into a routine, make sure you have a comfortable bed and a peaceful bedroom and allow yourself enough time to sleep. If you’re tired, don’t leave it until midnight when you’ve been snoozing on the sofa for hours to go up to bed. If you’ve got springs digging in your back or you suffer from back pain, it may be worth replacing an old mattress. Take a look at information and advice such as reviews of Nectar mattresses online and visit a showroom to try some different products out. If your body clock is in sync and you’ve got a comfortable, sumptuous bed to collapse into at the end of the day, this could make all the difference.

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Being more active

Be honest. How much exercise do you do? Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. If you’re not hitting this target, it’s time to get your body moving more. You don’t have to live in the gym or spend all your spare time jogging to reap the rewards of an active lifestyle. Take the dog for a long walk every day, play with the kids in the garden or cycle to work. Take the stairs instead of the lift and walk to the shops instead of taking the car. Simple changes can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. Using a step counter, working out with a friend or following a fitness regime could help you stay motivated.

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Are you keen to pay more attention to your health? If so, take these simple tips on board. Even minor changes can have a dramatic impact on how you feel.


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