Join Me and SlimFast for their Breakfast Club This Week on Twitter and Win a 7 Day Starter Kit!

I am a big fan of SlimFast. That’s no surprise considering the amount of blog posts that I’ve written singing their praises! You can read them all here.

It all started when I joined them for their SlimFast Stars event in Cardiff, along with SlimFast ambassador Alexandra Burke back in May of this year.

Armed with a wealth of new information about SlimFast I was more than ready to embark on my SlimFast journey.

Fast forward to today and I am super pleased and excited to share the news with you that I’ve lost two stone using SlimFast!

I find their products so easy and convenient, plus I think they taste great too, especially the Vitality shakes!

There are a few differences between the SlimFast classic shakes and their Vitality shakes. For example the Vitality shakes are gluten free, plus include iron to help reduce tiredness. They also contain green tea extract, 23 vitamins and minerals, biotin to help energy yielding metabolism and chromium to maintain blood sugar levels.

SlimFast also have a range of ready to drink shakes that are perfect for when you’re on the go. Plus they’re only 206 calories and come in 8 delicious flavours.

I’ve found that SlimFast combined with exercise has shown me that anything is possible. I’m actually training for my first half marathon. That’s something I never would have dreamt of doing when I was heavier. Not only that, but my confidence has increased too.

The one thing that I hear people say a lot is that they don’t have time to exercise, but it’s so easy to find the time once you get into a routine. I prefer running in the morning, so I’ll set my alarm, have a shake to kickstart my morning and then be out of the door before anyone else in our house is awake!

If you’re worried about where to start with a new exercise regime, simply think about what small changes you can make to get you started. Taking the stairs instead of the lift for example, or getting off the bus one stop before you need to so you can walk a bit further. Sometimes small changes like this can be just just the motivation you need.

Food is important too and SlimFast makes this easy with their 3, 2, 1 plan. It means you can eat six times a day. 3 snacks, 2 meal replacements (shake or meal replacement bar) and one balanced 600 calorie meal a day. When I have a bit of extra time I like to use crushed ice in my shakes for an extra refreshing taste!

One of my favourite quick and easy 600 calorie meals is salmon with rice. I’ll sprinkle a little ginger on the salmon, chop up some spring onions and place them on top, then pop the salmon in the oven until cooked. Then I just serve with rice and a dash of soy sauce! Tasty!

On the days that I run, I like to consume more calories than on a rest day as I tend to be a bit hungrier! As such I like to have a shake along with SlimFast porridge. The porridge is under 100 calories which is great!

You can also swap when you have your 600 calorie meal. It doesn’t always have to be for dinner. At the weekend you may prefer to have brunch and SlimFast have a great sweet and sassy corn fritta with sunny poached egg recipe which I’ll be sharing with you next week when I help @SlimFastUK co-host their #SllimFastBreakFastClub Twitter chat – more info about this below!

As we start to think ahead to Autumn and before those post-holiday blues start to settle, it’s time for you to join me and @SlimFastUK as I help to co-host their #SlimFastBreakfastClub Twitter chat series on Wednesday 13th at 9am.

The chat will last for 30 minutes, and during that time we’ll share tips and advice with you about starting your SlimFast journey, plus you’ll even have the chance to win a 7 day starter kit. I’ll also share my own SlimFast experience with you.

You can also ask questions, share your own tips and just have a good old chat with us! If you’d like to join in simply use the #SlimFastBreakfastClub tag and make sure you keep an eye on my Twitter handle, @Twinmumanddad and @SlimFastUK

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make the most of your mornings and get you feeling fabulous in time for Autumn and help you to stay on the wagon throughout the season!

*Sponsored post. All words are my own

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  1. I’m getting to the point where I think I need to diet again, but not sure whether doing something like SlimFast is a good idea while I’m still breastfeeding. You’ve done so well though, congratulations

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