Getting your garden ready for winter

I woke up this morning and as usual made myself a cup of tea. In doing so I looked out of the kitchen window and into our garden. That’s when I decided that it’s almost time to start getting our garden ready for winter.

At the moment our garden is full of toys. There’s a little tikes toy kitchen currently sprawled out on the grass having been blown over by the wind. It’s one of the toys that I should really have taken to a charity shop, but I just can’t bring myself to part with it just yet! Our girls seem pretty happy playing with it in the garden! They like to fill the ‘sink’ up with water and do their ‘washing up’ outdoors in the garden!

There’s also a water table and sand pit too. These things are going to have to be moved into the garage so that we can keep them protected from the harsher winter weather, along with some of the garden tools that we have laying around. I really should get a pot or something to store them all in!


Anyway, aside from clearing the kids toys away, I think it’s also important to keep the garden well maintained over winter. For me this means cutting the grass before the weather stops us from being able to do so, doing some weeding and cutting back some of the plants that are slightly overgrown.

I also like to set up a compost bin for fallen leaves and garden debris. When working outside in the colder weather it’s important to dress appropriately. That’s where Engelbert Strauss come into play. They sell a good range of durable thermal clothing which would be perfect to wear in the garden. The last thing you’ll want to happen is for you to get ill because you’re not dressed for the weather!

As well as tidying up, weeding, cutting back plants and cutting the grass, it’s also a good idea to cover up any crops that you may still have. A visit to a local garden centre should offer you the chance to find the best product to cover up your crops and protect them from frost.

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