Cocobubble Review: Making bath time fun for kids!

A few weeks ago I was relaxing in the bath at home when our twin girls came wandering into the bathroom and enquired what the brightly coloured, round thing in my hand was.

It was a bath bomb. They were intrigued and watched with such intensity as it plopped into the bath water and started fizzing whilst turning the bath water a magnificent shade of pink.

They giggled and looked on in awe before asking me if they could have a bath bomb when they next have a bath.

Although that was my last bath bomb, I did wonder about how safe it would be for them to use one of my own. I mean their skin is so much more delicate than mine and in truth I didn’t have a clue what was inside the bath bomb that I’d just used.

It’s funny isn’t it. When buying things like that for ourselves, we don’t tend to give a seconds thought as to what’s actually gone into making it, but when it comes to products for our children, it’s one of the first things we think about!

In pretty good timing I received an email from Lauren who is the creator of Cocobubble.

Cocobubble is a Cardiff based company. This is great for us as we also live in Cardiff! Their products are designed to make bath time an adventure for children, with stimulating and creative products that are free from nasties.

Their product range includes bath bombs for kids, soap paints which are stain free, waterproof story books, bath activities and eco-friendly bath toys.


When asked to chose some products to review for our twin girls I opted for the following:

The magical wood waterproof book
Primary colour soap paints & secondary colour soap paints
Polar ice cap adventure
Rockpool adventure
Berry bot bath bomb
Spring bath bomb
Pigs in mud activity
I was so excited to see what the bath bombs would be like and also to see the girls reactions when they saw that they had their very own bath bombs!
When they arrived, they were beautifully packaged in a clear bag which had a Cocobubble sticker on and blue ribbon.
Each product is labelled and comes with directions of how to use them.
I’ve never seen the girls so eager to have a bath!
As they climbed in amongst the bubbles they quickly pointed for me to pass them the polar ice cap adventure set and the rockpool adventure set.
Both of these sets come with a natural coconut bowl, plus the polar ice cap adventure set also comes with snow’ soap paint, mini soap penguins, snowball bath bomb and a polar bear finger puppet. The rockpool adventure set also comes with ‘sand’ soap paint, mini fish soaps, crab finger puppet and a starfish finger puppet.
The girls loved playing with the natural coconut bowls. They filled them with water, then emptied them out again and watched the finger puppets float inside them as though they were having their own little coconut bath!
The pigs in mud activity was next up. This set includes three super cute pig soaps and a scented with lavender essential oil ‘mud’ (soap paint). When I took the lid off the lavender soap paint, the smell immediately hit me. It was lovely!
I always wonder when buying bath and body products if they’ll actually smell like the scent they’re meant to, and these really do! The soap paints we received (raspberry, strawberry, lemon, lime, orange) all smelt as they were meant to. They weren’t overpowering, they were just right.
The girls had lots of fun painting their faces, arms and bodies with the soap paints. The texture is really soft and quite thick which makes it easy for children to apply to themselves. A little really does go a long way. R did accidentally get some of the soap paint in her eye, and did cry as she said it stung so that’s something to be aware and careful of. After rinsing her eye with water she was back to playing with the soap paints again.
Next up were the bath bombs. We used the berry bot bath bomb and the spring bath bomb. They fizzed away in the water and turned the water blue and pink. What was even more amazing is that hidden inside the bath bombs are more cute soaps!
Inside the blue berry bot bath bomb was a cute robot shaped soap, and inside the spring bath bomb was a cute butterfly soap! The girls were amazed!
The magical wood bathtime adventure book feels like paper so I was worried about putting it in the water, but it didn’t disintegrate as it is designed to go in water. The girls loved being able to read a book in the bath!
The thing that’s most important to me is finding out about the ingredients that go into these products.
Cocobubble’s website says:
“When we set out to create amazing bath times, we knew there would be no place for harsh ingredients in anything that we make. Here’s just a few things you won’t find in any of our products, and why:
  • No SLS / SLES – they are chemicals commonly found in commercial skincare products that are reported to cause skin irritation at low concentration levels.
  • No mineral oils – they are a by-product of the distillation of petroleum and a common ingredient in skincare products.
  • No silicones – they coat the skin and impede its natural function.
  • No parabens – they are linked to hormone imbalances.
  • No PEG’s – they are reported to be often contaminated with toxic impurities that can penetrate the skin.
  • No phthalates – they are reported to have a toxic impact on humans and animal life.
  • No animal ingredients – we love vegan skincare.

So, what’s inside?

Our products contain many natural ingredients to nourish young skin, along with mild and gentle technical ingredients that ensure the quality and efficacy of our products.”

You can view the ingredients inside each product by clicking ‘ingredients’ on the product page of each product.

Overall, I have to say that we love all of the products we were sent from Cocobubble and I will definitely be buying some for Christmas as I think they’d make great stocking fillers. I also think they’d make nice presents for birthdays as an alternative type of gift as oppose to toys.

Thank you Cocobubble, we love you and your products!

For the purpose of this review we were sent the above products. All views and opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. What a cute idea! I love bath bombs so it’d be nice to get one for my son, he loves his bath time. I especially like the emphasis on natural ingredients, so many baby products are full of additives!

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