How to Reinvent the Decor of Your Old Home?

Are you looking to give your old home that much needed décor upgrade? Are you on the hunt for interesting décor ideas that will give your home that classy and fabulous appeal? Well, you have come to the correct place. Today, we have put together a list of décor ideas that will help you to transform your old home. These tried and tested ideas are just what you have been looking for and some of them are easy on the pocket too! Let’s now discuss these excellent décor ideas.

Go Minimalistic 

An old home often means a lot of unnecessary clutter. A cluttered home will always feel claustrophobic, cramped and small. If you want to give your house a spacious, roomy and upscale appeal, then you need to make sure that you go minimalistic with the décor. Get rid of any furniture that you may not be using. Avoid cramping your home with excessive showpieces and other décor items. Keep only those items and pieces of furniture that you use regularly and actually need. Not only will the minimalistic décor transform your old home, but it will also make it look much more spacious. 


Be Creative With Wall Paints 

Who says that you need to have dull and boring single coloured walls in your home? When you are revamping the décor of your home, make sure that you are creative with the paints when repainting the walls. You don’t need to stick to a single colour as per the norm. Here are some fun paint ideas for your walls that are worth incorporating: 

  • Opting for an accent wall can transform the décor of your old home. The paint colour that you choose for the accent wall should be bright and vibrant and completely contrasting to the remaining walls. For instance, if you choose to go in for an olive green or cerulean blue accent wall, make sure that the other walls in that specific room are off-white or beige and so on. 
  • Painting a vibrant picture on your walls is also another excellent and creative option for your home décor. You can hire a professional artist to paint nature scenes, abstract art and other such options on the walls of your home. 


Install Gypsum Wall Panels On The Walls 

An old home means tends to display cracks in the walls and ugly wall flaws. One effective way to enhance the décor of your home and hide those ugly wall flaws is by installing gypsum based wall panels. There are several different varieties and types of gypsum wall panels that can be purchased. If you’re looking to hide the tiles or the wall flaws in your bathroom, you should opt for the gypsum bathroom wall panels.

These bathroom panels are waterproof and moisture resistant and they won’t get ruined when exposed to water and moisture in the bathroom. If you’re looking out for classy and upscale wall panels for your bedroom or living room, you can invest in the acoustic wall panels. There are also decorative gypsum wall tiles available for your home that will give the surroundings a stylish appeal and at the same time hide any wall flaws. 

Accessorise Your Home With Simple And Elegant Items 

Accessorising your home with simple and elegant items is another great way to ensure that your home décor is upgraded. Here are a few facts that you can incorporate: 

  • Install gorgeous candleholders and scented candles all around your home to give it that romantic and relaxing appeal.
  • Use natural elements like pebbles, seashells, crystals and other such items to add colour, life and a natural beauty to the surroundings. 
  • Place colourful and vibrant rugs and carpets on the floor to add character to residential setup. 
  • Purchase vibrant abstract art canvases from local artists to decorate the walls in your home. 
  • Opt for wall stickers in the kitchen to add character to the otherwise boring tiles. Nowadays, Portuguese tile print wall stickers are available on many online shopping portals and at several décor stores. These tiles are waterproof, colourful and they have the most breathtaking designs on them. 

Structural Changes Can Be Considered 

If you’re going heavy duty with the entire décor revamping process for your home, you can widen the windows, install French windows or ceiling to floor windows and so on. This décor idea would make sense if your old home overlooks a gorgeous and lush green field or has some sort of waterbody view. Further, expanding the size of the windows in your home allows more natural light to flow in. When natural light flows into your home it will make the space look roomier and larger. 

Install A Vertical Garden Against One Of The Walls 

If you love being bounded by nature and lush green plants, you should consider getting a vertical garden installed in your home. Of course, you will have to have a green thumb if you want the vertical garden to look fresh and vibrant throughout the year. Opt for evergreen trees that don’t shed their leaves in the winter months. Make sure that you provide proper maintenance to the plants by regularly watering them, fertilising them and trimming them. If you want plant options that are a little less overwhelming, you can install lucky water bamboos all around your home. These water bamboos need to be installed in vases or containers that can hold water. The water in them needs to be changed on a weekly basis.

In addition to these above-mentioned changes, you can also change your bathroom and bedroom linen, add outlets to drawers to ensure that the tabletops remain clutter free, change the light structures in your home if they have become old and outdated and so on. Revamping the décor of an old home can be great fun if you enjoy being creative. You can also add your own personal creative touch to the décor to make it more suited to your specific tastes.

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