More Than A Hobby: Approach Blogging Like A Passion

Blogging is a way for anyone, anywhere in the world to share their deepest darkest, and mundane everyday-type of thoughts, with the rest of the world. It’s not quite like writing articles, or writing as if you are a journalist. It’s more so, sharing tips and tricks, or just your thoughts on a web page, for all of the world to see.

It’s an incredibly fluid and open platform which allows you to help complete strangers improve their life and vice versa. It’s also a long term commitment if you want to be successful at it. You’ve got to learn along the way how to make your blog sustainable and learn the inner workings of the internet.

There are lots of ways to make money from blogging, but that shouldn’t be your aim, to begin with. A successful blog cannot be established overnight. What makes one a staple in the online world of bloggers is the content. Good solid writing and important or helpful advice and suggestions about problems and issues facing many people in the world will always get you a loyal subscriber base.

There are a few guidelines you should follow if you want to approach blogging from a new perspective.

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Find a niche

The old saying of ‘write about what you know’ is still relevant and always will be when it comes to finding a passion to share with the world. You can explore new categories and avenues a little later on down the road, but you should first focus on a subject that is near and dear to your heart. Think about what you’re passionate about in your personal life and how you could open this up to new people. Take from your experiences in life and chronologically explain in detail what happened and why in each blog post. Many people online are looking for like-minded people who they can swap stories and advice with. On the other hand, the majority of your views and clicks will come from people who need help and support in some form. If you’re obsessed with something or you know that you have such a deep interest in a particular subject that you have taken the time to learn about it, share it. When you’re aware that you have more knowledge about a subject than the average person, you may find it therapeutic to write about it.

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Start to understand your audience

As you start to get views, you’ll begin to see just who really is reading your writing. If you can understand the audience better than they have been on other blogs, you can secure their confidence and make them regular readers. Most blogging websites like WordPress will have a detailed analytics page. From there you can study the page views, a number of clicks per person who are surfing other blog posts, the age ranges, the country and graphs to show increases in views at specific times. You’ll also start noticing which posts garner the most attention, so each time a subject is touched upon, you can see the sudden rise in traffic. Intertwine your social media account by putting a hashtag and term or word at the end of every post. Then go onto your various social media accounts and see who might be using that hashtag. Make sure you make a unique hashtag, so unrelated topics don’t get mixed up with your’s.

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Get technical

Your blog can reach far and wide if you’re willing to optimize your website. If you’re serious about getting involved in people’s lives and want to make a difference read Wizz Hosting tech blog. You’ll get a step by step guide from many articles, of how you can make your blog more technically advanced. If you’re an avid blogger, you should make your writing available for people who are on the move a lot such as commuters. Mobile friendly optimization will allow your blog to appear and load faster on smartphones. With a responsive design, the blog will render quicker and potentially give you thousands of extra readers. It’s estimated that around 40 – 60% of blog readers across all the industries are via mobile phones. Getting your foot in the door with regards to trends and search engines results is no mean feat. By employee SEO writing skills, you not only get yourself up higher on search results, but you also have a chance to get noticed in the subject matters you enjoy reading about.

Changing lives of the existing

Once you’ve cultivated a fan base, you shouldn’t take it for granted. By loving the readers which have subscribed to your blog, you can create a second family almost. Write about life-changing experiences and important issues every once in awhile. By giving your fans some meaningful advice about life and the things you’ve been through, you have the possibility of changing another person’s life forever. Focus on the readers and get to know them better. Interact with them in the comment section as much as you can. Getting a reply back from a blogger you admire, really hits home and readers feel as if you notice them. Respond to feedback, whether it’s negative or positive and show them you value their opinion and interaction with your writing. Write content that is hyper-targeted to the majority of your readers, with some valuable information that they can use in their lives, such as updates of their cities, weather, social festivals, cultural events and charities that are holding special events.

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Building a strong relationship with strangers you’ve never met can be quite a daunting task, but without doing so, blogs can have their meteoric rise and fall just as quickly. You could have competitions, whereby you select the best comment on a blog post for a prize winning a gift. Give away items as rewards for people who follow your blog. It’s a little piece of interaction that sifts through to their daily lives, making the online experience real. This is especially great for loyal subscribers to your website, as everyone who sticks with you, should be shown a debt of gratitude. It’s also a great way to incentivize interactions without sounding desperate in blog posts. You can make it fun too, by having a quiz, a task to do such as researching a topic or answering a question about another blog post.

Be consistent

Make sure you stick to a schedule, every week. Treat blogging like it’s something more than just a hobby if you want to grow. Consistently creating content for your blog is what will keep readers coming back, helping you to hit desired traffic numbers. It also creates a steady stream of new followers, because new content will be put at the front of the queue when it comes to search engines. Many search engines also have a ‘upload date’ options to their search bar. People who are browsing the internet looking for something will want to know what the latest version of that particular subject or product is. Old news is useless, so be consistent and upload a decent amount of content and try to make it relevant to the current affairs of the day somehow.

At first, blogging sounds quite fun, because it gives you a chance to blow off some steam, share your knowledge with the world and hopefully, even change a few people’s lives. However, it takes will power, to create content that is new, fresh, evoking and something that gives loyal readers a little flavor of your personality. The website should also be technical enough, that it’s sustainable and is set up in a way, that when you’re ready, you can one day display advertisements on the pages.


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