Easy To Follow Steps To Put More Money In Your Pocket

Look around the internet for long enough, and you’ll come across dozens of ways that’ll help put more money in your pocket. The only problem is, most of these ideas are too innovative: they focus on frugal ways of living, offering tips that put only small amounts of money into your bank account. While every little helps, the best way to get more money is to look at the bigger picture, the areas that can make a big difference to how much money you have. Here are five of those areas.

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In the Savings Account

Need to save money? Don’t trust yourself to put money into your savings account. You might do it once or twice, but it’ll be too tempting just to keep it in your wallet and then spend it when you’re in a pinch. Instead, what you should do is set up an automatic payment into a savings account, which will be deducted from your monthly wages. You can’t be tempted to spend it if it was never in your bank account, to begin with! Even a small sum each month can add up to a decent amount of money in a year or so.

What You’re Owed

Are you actually getting the money you’re entitled to? If you’re not filling out your tax returns properly, you might be paying more to the government than you need to. There’s a lot more you can claim on than you probably realize. The same goes for state-funded benefits. If you have children, low income, or some other issues, there might be help available to you. A lot of money that’s made available to people goes unclaimed, so make sure you’re getting everything you’re owed.

In the Office

When people want a higher paying job, they usually start searching the online job listings and try to find a position that will give them a higher salary. But instead of automatically thinking about moving job, you should start by asking your boss for a raise. If you’ve been there for a long time and think you do a good job, then you’ll be in a strong position for the raise. If they say no, then they say, but you have to ask before they can say yes!

Goodbye Debt, Hello Money

If you have debts, then they’re not just evidence of poor financial decisions in the past: they’re evidence of a continued poor relationship with money. Getting any debts paid off should be your number one priority, (get more info), above anything else, because you’ll be pouring a lot of cash down the drain in the shape of interest.

Review Everything

You don’t have to start making your own soap or reuse your bath water to save money: you just need to look at what you currently spend your money on, and see if it can be cut or made cheaper. If you’re with one energy supplier, then it might be worth investigating other options to see if it can be cheapened. The same goes for phone connections, cable, and so on.

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