Disneyland Paris 2018 Trip Report – Our Last Day

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All week, we have been trying to go on the boat ride behind the ‘It’s a small world ride’, but every time we’ve gone over it’s been closed. Today, our last day, we got lucky!

The boat ride is called Le Pays Des Contes de Fees, and it’s alongside the Casey Jnr Train Ride. One our visit last year, we had no idea that these rides exist as they’re kind of hidden away, but when I saw them on the map this year, I knew I wanted us to go on them!

The boat ride is a nice gentle ride that’s suitable for all ages. As the boat moves through the water you pass various scenes such as Rapunzels Tower and Belle from Beauty and the Beast sitting on the fountain in the village with a book.

It really is a nice gentle ride!

Another bit of luck we had on our last day is that the sword behind the castle was back! It had been missing for all our trip this year, but on the last day as we wandered passed it, I glanced over and noticed it had returned! As such, the girls had a go at pulling the sword out, and posed for some photos too!

We then decided to go on another ride, Peter Pans Flight. Whilst M loved this ride last year, R wasn’t so keen and spent most of it with her eye shut, but she decided to be brave this time around and keep her eyes open for all it!

However, before we’d really got started, the ride broke down leaving us stranded in mid-air! The lights came on – which by the way totally ruins the illusion of the ride! – and the cast members appeared with a ladder to get us down safely!

We were given a free fast pass to return to the ride later when it had been fixed, which is what we did, and I’m pleased to say that R did indeed keep her eyes open for the duration, and enjoyed the ride!

We then headed over the Alice’s Maze and enjoyed following the girls as they led the way!

By this point, R was pretty tired so we headed over to Plaza Gardens for lunch, but it was clear that R wasn’t feeling her best, so my husband took her back to the hotel whilst M and I finished our food.

On our way out we saw a man carving water melons!

What spectacular creations! Very talented indeed!

After a nap in the hotel we went up the treehouse, La Cabane des Robinson, in adventureland and had fun exploring it!

We then headed to the shops to do some last minute shopping before watching the parade again. I never get bored of watching it!

Our last meal was in California Grill which is situated inside the Disneyland Hotel. The food and service was absolutely amazing! I really wish I’d booked to go there earlier in the week, but it was a nice way to end our holiday. The atmosphere was very relaxed which is just what was needed after a busy day!

So that is our trip report for our trip to Disneyland Paris. We had an amazing time, and would highly recommend it! If you’re thinking of booking a trip to Disneyland Paris, be sure to join the Disneyland Paris for Brits Facebook group as they have so much helpful information and advice.

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