The day I ran in my sports bra!

Well, this is a pretty random post to be honest with you!

It’s not every day that I write things like this, but after going on a run last week, I felt inspired to write about my experience!

It was a warm, sunny day so I’d decided to go for a run. Rather foolishly I’ve entered the Cardiff Half Marathon in October so I thought I’d better make a start on my half marathon training plan!

As usual I checked the weather before setting off and settled on a t-shirt and shorts because it was a very warm day.

I planned to run a gentle, comfortable 5k.

By 3k I was so hot!

Now, I’m used to running so I wasn’t overly hot because I was out of puff, it was purely because of the heat. I really wanted to take my t-shirt off and run in my sports bra, something I’ve been tempted to do on many occasions, but never did feel brave enough to actually do!

However, after publishing a status on Facebook a few weeks ago about how this would be something I’d do when I managed to achieve ‘washboard abs’, I put the thought to the back of my mind.

I decided instead to tuck my t-shirt up a little bit into my sports bra to try to cool down. I soon realised this was pretty pointless and eventually I ditched my t-shirt and indeed continued my run in my sports bra and shorts.

This is something I’ve never done before, nor is it something I ever thought I’d have the confidence to do, but when you want to run and it’s too hot, there just didn’t seem like any other option!

Following my ‘freeing’ moment, I published a status on Facebook:

I was amazed by the amount of support shown to me and I now feel a little more confident about running in my sports bra again should the moment arise!


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