Chubby Puppies & Friends Review (Including Video)

Our four year old twin girls, R and M love animals. M’s favourite animal are cats and R’s are dogs. Although, whenever M comes anywhere near a real life cat, she won’t go anywhere near them, but for all of that she says loves them!

We were recently sent a Chubby Puppies & Friends Labrador Fashion Set with Carrier to review from Spinmaster.
Before receiving this toy, I hadn’t heard of Chubby Puppies & Friends before, but as soon as I saw it, I knew our girls would love her!

Chubby Puppies are battery operated toys that actually move around. They’re really easy to turn on and off, so much so that our twin girls can do it all by themselves by just flicking the switch on the underside of the dog to the ‘on’ position.

Once switched on the dogs front legs rotate around in a circle which makes her bob up and down whilst she ‘walks’.

The great thing is that you can also dress them up as they come with their own fashion theme set. 
The Labrador, which our girls have named, Suki, comes with lots of princess accessories. 
Children can dress her up in an adorable bow or ‘ballerina’ style dress costume. There’s even a bow for her head with heart shaped glasses attached! Plus she comes with a special hand held mirror that she can hold in her mouth!

The Labrador and all of her accessories fit easily into the super cute pink bag that comes with this set. I love that you can also buy extras for the dogs such as a dog park, which I have already added to the girls wish list for Christmas!

This chubby puppy is super cute, plus she’s pretty durable too. We’ve taken her to the park and in the garden to give her a good run around and she’s worked well on both concrete and on the slide!

All of the accessories are well made and I would give this toy 10/10. Our girls really enjoy playing with her, dressing her up and looking after her! I would definitely recommend chubby puppies & friends.

For the purpose of this review we were sent one chubby puppies & friends set. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

5 thoughts on “Chubby Puppies & Friends Review (Including Video)

  1. These look fab. My daughter actually asked for one of these when we were food shopping …it's something I might buy for her christmas stocking! Angela from daysinbed #TotallyToys

  2. My two have Chubby Puppies sets from Christmas but they would absolutely love these sets to be able to dress them up…they look so funny with the accessories on 🙂

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