Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Part 3

October 9, 2013

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In the third part of our Christmas Gift Guide, I am happy to welcome back Beebies Baby Store who are pleased to introduce to you the Moover Mini Doll’s Pram which retails at £29.99 including p&p.

The beautifully crafted Mini Dolls Pram is the perfect gift for any girl. It’s stylish and simple design will appeal and engage every child in long-lasting play. The Moover Mini Doll’s pram is suitable from 12 months and it has safe rounded corners and it’s finished with child-safe paint.

It’s available in Cherry Red and Natural. We were sent one mini moover dolls pram in natural to review. Our twins already have a lightweight stroller toy each which they love playing with, so I was pretty sure that they would both be just as excited about this pram! 

Before I unboxed it, I showed the box to the girls and they started smiling and pointing at the picture of the pram! When I took it out of the box, I knew we would have an all out fight over who was going to play with it first and I was right! Well…kind of!

M was nearest to me so she managed to get her hands on the pram first. After initially giving it a good once over, M quickly grabbed her two favourite teddy bears and put them in the pram. Upon seeing this, R went for her two favourite dog toys and then my heart started to break! She was looking around the room to see where her pram was. I always buy them one each of everything, so I had to explain that there was only one so she would have to share it with M! I think we’re going to have buy another of these because they both love it so much!

When R understood that there was only one, she took it in turns with M to play with it. 

M playing with the pram

R, proudly showing off her dog in the pram!
The pram is made from really high quality birch veneer plywood and the wheels are also wooden. The back is made from one piece of moulded thin veneer playwood and the great thing about this toy is that it’s delivered assembled, ready for use so no fiddly bits to piece together! 

Before I received the pram, I was concerned that it would be too small to be played with properly. A bigger version is available for £69.47, but there really was no need for me to be concerned. 

Both girls enjoyed their toys in the pram and they would sit on the floor, rolling the pram back and for. It’s actually a really good size and M in particular delighted in wandering around the room holding on to it! 

This pram would make a lovely Christmas gift for your little angel, for more information please click here.

Dimensions: 21 x 20 x 13cm (8 ¼ x 8 ½ x 5 ¼ “)

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