Essential Car Safety Checks for Long Journeys

As winter approaches it’s an important time of year to think about how safe your car is. This is even more important if you’re planning a long car journey. We all remember being shown how to check the oil in our car, top up the screen wash and check the water level, but what about the more important stuff? The safety checks that are essential for long journeys. I’ve put together a basic #CarSafetyChecklist for you. Car Battery Some cars will allow you to check the battery level by simply opening each cell so that you can check the levels…. [Read More]

Driving Yourself To Distraction? Here Are The Keys To Cutting Car Costs

As a parent, a car is a vital piece of equipment. Not owning one is like a chef without a knife or a painter without a brush – it’s pointless. However, because you are a parent the odds are high that you may find the cost of running a vehicle is out of your budget. Let’s face it – cars are not cheap, and they are only getting more expensive. But, you can’t just sell up and start catching the bus because that is a frightening proposition. Can you imagine the kids? It will be anarchy! Thankfully, it is possible… [Read More]

Tips for looking after your car this winter


As a car owner, looking after my car is important to me. Even more so in the winter months. My car is an important part of my life. It transports me from work and home again, but it also carries my children on a very regular basis. It’s for this reason that I decided to write this post and share with you my tips for looking after your car this winter. Invest in a car port My first tip is to invest in a car port. Now I know this may not be possible for everyone, but if you can… [Read More]