Buying the best watch for your husband whatever the occasion

April 28, 2014
Men are infatuated with watches and may have a few already because he’s a stylish chap. Can you say that they are the right ones though?

How watches are rated

There are watches that are professional and go perfectly with suits having either a band in metal or 
leather (less durable but more subtle), however they both carry equal gravitas. 

What is known as the weekend watch is less expensive and is often long-lasting and weathered that can also be a versatile look with something sporty and even a tuxedo!

We approach the next category which is sheer timeless and distinguished quality with perfect craftsmanship that could honourably be passed on to the next generation. Never choose a dial that is oversized ie: more than 44mm hence keeping it simple and classy.

Finally the wow factor watch that is ultimately one that is worn with his bespoke suits and matching accessories, using nothing but the best of metals from rose gold, titanium or platinum will put you on the map of distinction from the crème de la crème of watchmakers.

Over the top of the range watches

If you are in the market for spending £1.6m, then admire the workmanship of A. Lange & Söhne from the Saxon region where there will be only six watches made which displays the usual day, time, month plus moon phases via a 476 part annual calendar device. It needs a manual tweak during the transition between February and March using accurate moon phases to cover 122 years. Bargain. 

Top of the range sports watches to look out for

The Baume & Mercier selection presents the Clifton watch which is an 18k red gold in a perfect 39mm diameter case with a double bevel inspired from a model from the 1950s,similar to Mad Men (pictured below), including also a Swiss-made mechanical self-winding calibre for £4,500.

The Alpina dates from 1883, is the precursor to the sports watch with qualities similar to today such as antimagnetic, water-resistant, shockproof and rustproof. Take a look at the Heritage Pilot for its 130th birthday tribute that boasts a ‘snail track’ tachymetre at £2,470.

Middle of the range for a modest watch

Audemars Piguet is always celebrating and this time it’s the 20th anniversary of the even more hefty co-star the Royal Oak Offshore with the introduction of the first Offshore Grande Complication with only three to be created at a cost of £534,560 apiece.

Modest watches with class and history

The Swiss grand-sons Elie and Pierre Bernheim of Raymond Weil whose eponymous style rocked royalty in his heyday and beyond, are following in the tradition: they are now a couple of years in the industry and promote the ethos of ‘affordable luxury’ with this pièce de resistance Double 8 Origin 42 mm chronograph in rose gold for £475.

Clearly the choice depends on the budget or rather the occasion for the man in your life: he deserves it!

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  • Little Miss Alba

    April 28, 2014 at 11:41 am

    My Daddy is a HUGE watch fan – I am going to let him read this post – In fact I'm sure he will read it a few times hehe x Ax

    1. Emily

      April 29, 2014 at 8:51 pm

      Hi Alba! I'm sure your Daddy would enjoy reading this post. I hear a special is coming up soon, Fathers Day, maybe your Mummy will treat your Daddy to a new watch xx

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