All I want for 2018 is….

Every new year brings a new start. It’s a time for people to make resolutions, reflect on the year gone by, and think about what the new year will bring.

As I wrote earlier this month, I’ve decided not to make any new years resolutions. This decision was made because I’m actually very happy with where my life is right now.

2017 saw me loosing two stone in weight. I ran my first half marathon, and I have a very positive outlook on life.

My children are happy and settled in school, and although I accepted redundancy from the company I’d work for since I was 18, I now work for myself, and this means my work/life balance is better than it’s ever been. I’m there more for my children because I can take them to and from school. I get to chose my own working hours to suit my family and I, plus I don’t need to request time off or work bank holidays and Christmas! So, yes, that’s pretty good too!

So although I haven’t made any resolutions, that’s not to say that I wouldn’t like to treat myself and my family to a few things in 2018.

For starters, we’re currently renting, but this doesn’t stop us from taking pride in our home. We like to add our own personal touches and websites such as help us to do just that. They’re a premium furniture store known for their contemporary and modern furniture.

Although we can’t change the decor of our home, we can chose a few select pieces to really give our home the personal touch and make it feel like our own. From lighting to sofas and dressing tables, Dandelion Interiors have plenty to chose from.

This Naples 120cm Faux Leather Small Double Sofa Bed would be the perfect addition to our home. Two of my step-children are in university, and quite often when they come home they stay over ours. Of course, our five year old twins love having their older siblings stay over, but I’m pretty sure our current sofa isn’t very comfortable to sleep on. It’s not a sofa bed, so there’s not much room, but this Naples sofa bed would be perfect!

I also think that it’d be nice to lease a lovely car so that the long drive to pick our step-daughter up from university would be a lot more comfortable. It’d also be pretty handy for our upcoming summer trips.

My lovely, but little Toyota Yaris is pretty cramped, especially with two car seats in the back and a boot full of suitcases for a family of four! The boot isn’t very big to begin with, so we often end up stuffing bags into the front foot well and on the back floor! have a lovely selection of cars. From hatchbacks to estates, and saloons, I’m sure we’d find the perfect car for our summer trips.

One of the trips I’d love to take our twins on is a camping trip.


However my husband isn’t very fussed on the idea! Perhaps he could sleep in the car, whilst the girls and I stay in a tent! Although I guess one way we could tempt him into the tent would be with some new clothes!

This hooded Fred Perry Brentham Jacket from, would definitely keep him warm and cosy when sleeping in a tent!

I’ve been researching some lovely UK campsites and a lot of them look just as good as the ones you can find abroad. I guess it’s just about going at the right time of year, so that hopefully the weather replicates that of being abroad!

Can you recommend any UK campsites? I’d love to hear from you!


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