A workout a day update number 1

Spin class

Last week I shared a post with you called, A workout a day. Sounds pretty ambitious right? In that post I wrote about how I wanted to make this year a healthier and more active year for me and my family. As such I set out some goals which outlined how I was going to achieve this and that meant doing one workout a day.

I’m now one week in, so how has it been so far? Have I managed to achieve this?


My sweaty face after spin class!

I’m super pleased to say that I have achieved my goal and I have completed one work out a day. My plan officially started on January 3rd, although I did get a workout in on January 1st as follows:

Plank with 10 leg raises right side

Plank with 10 leg raises left side

Plank whilst holding right leg in air for 3 seconds (x 3)

Plank whilst holding left leg in air for 3 seconds (x 3)

30 x slam balls (lift ball up above head, throw to floor and repeat)

10 x 5kg dumbells (in each hand = 10kg) shoulder presses

10 x renegade rolls with 5kg dumbbells in each hand

10 x dumbell front squat

20 x dumbell floor press

15 minute Betty Rocker workout

I didn’t do anything on the 2nd as that was my birthday and I planned on eating birthday cake and Chinese food, hence why my plan didn’t officially start until the 3rd!

On the 3rd January I went to spin class. I used to go to spin class last year, but stopped for some reason. I’m so glad I went again, as I”d forgotten how much I loved it! I managed to keep up with the rest of the class and maintained a good pace throughout and I can’t wait to go back again tonight!

Wednesday January 4th saw me slow things down a notch. I’d had a busy morning, so decided that my workout for this day would be a 20 minute beginners yoga session. I really enjoyed it and it helped me to relax and unwind whilst focusing on my body.

Thursday 5th January, I had planned to go for a 5k run, but it was a freezing cold, frosty morning so I did a workout home instead. In hindsight I wished I’d gone for a run, but I know for this week now to just get out there and go! My home workout went well. I’ve invested in a TRX suspension training kit which cost me £29.99 from amazon. This will allow me to work on improving my upper body strength. I did 40 pull ups and 30 push ups using the suspension trainer. I find it easier to do pull ups and push ups this way than on the floor. By using my own body as the weight along with the suspension trainer I somehow feel that I’m being more effective in my training!

I also spent 10 minutes on my exercise bike, did 20 leg curls on my swiss ball, 20 slam balls, 20 shoulder presses with a 5kg weight in each hand and repeated these exercises for a grand total of 30 minutes.

Friday 6th January I did a sugar pop workout, which you can view here if you feel inspired to join in!

Saturday 7th I did another 20 minute yoga workout and on Sunday 8th, we went for a two hour family walk which was lovely.

My plans for this week are pretty much the same as last week. I’m booked onto two spin classes this week. One this evening and another on Thursday. I’ll try to squeeze in a 5k run this week too, as well doing some home workouts and yoga.

I feel I have to say that I’ve obviously been eating healthy this week too. No weight loss is going to happen if I eat like a pig, no matter how much I want too! My food this week has been a mixture of homemade vegetable soup, salmon linguine, chicken dinner, chicken and rice, plus the occasional protein shake when I’ve been in a rush.

I haven’t weight myself yet, nor have I disclosed my starting weight to you, but my aim is to lose 22lbs. I’ll keep you updated! Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “A workout a day update number 1

  1. This is great. Last year i started a good fitness programme, one week i did about 10 classes in a week. I’m trying to get back into it all

  2. You’ve done amazingly well for your first week. Long may it continue. And remember, on the days you *really* don’t feel like working out, just start. You’ll be glad you did once it’s done. Good luck with your quest to lose the weight. You can do it!

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