A new start (again!)

Toward the end of August I wrote a blog post about how I’d accepted redundancy from the company I had worked for, for 11 years. In the same blog post, I shared the good news that I’d managed to find another job.

This was great because I’d managed to get another job within a short space of time.

However, all was not as it seemed. There’s that saying that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Sadly the carer job didn’t work for a few different reasons, but thankfully I’m not the kind of person to sit around and mope.


When I first found that I was facing redundancy, my husband and I had discussed many options available to us. One of which included me starting up my own business.

It was a lovely idea, but one that scared me too much.

However, that’s now exactly what I’ve done!

I’ve started up my own cleaning business and I have been amazed by the up take.

I initially posted about the idea on a local app so that I could gauge interest of the local community. A lot of people were very keen and within a matter of hours I had already booked in my first few customers.

Since then, I’ve been inundated and have had to actually turn some people way, well, put them on a waiting list in case my availability changes.

I’m only working three days a week at the moment and those three days are already fully booked.

In addition to house cleans, I’m also undertaking end of tenancy cleans and have two jobs lined up already. That’s where I’ll use those two days a week that I’m not doing house cleans. By keeping those two days free, it means I can take on one off jobs, or just use those two days to blog, run or relax!

I’ve already completed a number of cleaning jobs and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s a nice change from working in an office, plus I get to meet new people in my local area, and I can work around school hours meaning I still get to take and pick the girls up from school. Win-win!

I’ll be sure to see you updated!

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