Game Review: Don’t be a Donkey!

Family games are my absolute favourite!

I love a good game that can get the whole family involved. I’m talking kids, parents and grandparents. Don’t be a Donkey is exactly that kind of game and we’ve been playing it non-stop since it arrived on our doorstep a few weeks ago!

Designed for children aged four and over, this hilariously funny game requires quick reflexes and a sense of humour!

A minimum of two players is required and a maximum of four. Inside the box you’ll find:

Four headbands with donkey ears

Three carrots

Donkey cards

Donkey nose

The aim of the game is quite simply to not be a donkey!

The cards are shuffled and handed out. If four people are playing that means each player has four cards. In order to proceed with the game you need to get four cards of the same colour. Each player will pass a card to the player on their right until someone has four cards that match.

When they do, they shout ‘Donkey’ and the four players have to grab one of the carrots, but there’s a catch! There are four players, but only three carrots!

If you don’t get a carrot, you need to raise one of your donkey ears on your headband! The game continues this way until both ears are raised and on the third time of not getting a carrot, you need to put the donkey nose on which means you’re now a donkey and have lost the game!

This game is very straight-forward, quick for everyone to learn the basics and more importantly it’s so much fun!

Our girls think it’s absolutely hilarious when the loser looks like a donkey! It’s also very funny to watch everyone reach for a carrot, but even more funny when one of the carrots is accidentally knocked off the table resulting in everyone scrambling for it on the floor!

Overall, we love this game. It’s a firm favourite and I’m sure we’ll continue to play it for many years to come!

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