Adopting a business mindset when blogging

Creating a successful blog is difficult because it’s so easy to get into blogging. Using a site such as WordPress, anyone can create their own blog. So, it’s a massively saturated marketplace. But that doesn’t mean every blogger is successful. In fact, it’s very difficult to build up a following. How many blog posts have you seen with 0 likes, shares, or comments? That’s quite commong in the blogging world. If you want to build up a loyal following of dedicated readers then you need to develop a unique website. The key is to take an entrepreneurial approach to running… [Read More]

A year of self-employment

The 11th October 2018 will mark my one year anniversary of being self-employed. It’s been such an up and down journey, but overall, it’s been a very positive experience. In August 2017 I accepted redundancy from the company I’d worked for since I was 17 years old. It was a very daunting time, but I looked upon it as an exciting time. A time to start afresh, a new chapter. A chance to do something different that would make my life, and the lives of my family easier. On the 11th October 2017 I completed my very first self-employed job…. [Read More]

Is a franchise right for you?

October 11th this year will by my one year self-employment anniversary. I can’t quite believe that I’m self-employed, but I have to say that it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. After accepting redundancy back in 2017, I wasn’t sure what my future would hold. Having worked for a company for 13 years, the majority of which was full time, I then went down to part time after my children were born. I thought that I’d be able to find a part time job that suited my family and I easily, but sadly that wasn’t the case. I… [Read More]

Tips for becoming self-employed

Working for yourself is a very appealing prospect to many people. I for one have always admired those who are self-employed. My husband, Nigel, is a self-employed painter and decorator, and I see first hand just how much hard work, dedication and motivation is required. It would be easy to wake up one morning and decide to have the day off, but of course in doing that, you wouldn’t earn any money! Being self-employed isn’t easy. It really does take a lot of hard work, especially in the early days when you need to research your idea, make sure there… [Read More]

A new start (again!)

Toward the end of August I wrote a blog post about how I’d accepted redundancy from the company I had worked for, for 11 years. In the same blog post, I shared the good news that I’d managed to find another job. This was great because I’d managed to get another job within a short space of time. However, all was not as it seemed. There’s that saying that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. Sadly the carer job didn’t work for a few different reasons, but thankfully I’m not the kind of person to… [Read More]

What Does It Really Take To Become A 6 Figure WAHM?

It’s taken just over 5 years and three businesses to get to where I am today, a 6 figure WAHM (work at home mum) with a business that I am proud of & enjoy, which allows me to look after my two children.  Getting to the 6 figure stage is possible but there are certain principles I’ve picked up along the way I believe are fundamental for success. If you are thinking about starting your own business, take these 5 principles into account and hold them close on your journey. 1. Knowing The Lifestyle You Want To Create Intimately Notice… [Read More]

Vonage Review

Many people have friends and family jotted all over the world, but staying in touch can often be expensive. Vonage is a company that allows people to make phone calls over the internet using your home phone. It can help to dramatically cut the cost of the UK and International phone calls you make on your home phone and even on your smartphone. Vonage bypasses traditional phone networks by routing all your calls through the internet via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. Using your broadband connection if you’re using your home phone, and your Wi-Fi connection, GSM or mobile data (3G/4G)… [Read More]

Roller Banners Can Help Promote Your Business

Starting any business can be tough. Trying to promote it and get the word out about what your business has to offer its customers can be even more tough. There are a range of different advertising options available to businesses, but one of the most effective options are roller banners. If you’re not familiar with roller banners, they’re really a simple, yet compelling advertising solution.  Roller Banners are free-standing advertising graphics which can be rolled up for storage. Their portability means that they can be taken anywhere from trade shows to exhibitions and shops, to school fairs and conferences. They’re… [Read More]

Constructive Criticism: Use Reviews to Improve Business Practises

No small business owner can fail to be aware of the increasing use of online reviews by potential customers. All kinds of businesses have reviews online, from shops, hotels and restaurants to mobile phone providers and energy suppliers. Having an online presence is more important than ever, but it is likely that many customers will consult review sites as well as the business’s own website for further information on what to expect – this is very important for utility providers, with many customers lately resorting to comparison sites to gauge public reception on EDF or read Ovo energy customer reviews, for… [Read More]