Winter Home Improvements

I don’t what it is about Spring and Winter that always make me look at my home in a new light, but something does.

These two seasons signal the start and end of the year. Spring sees new life come into the world. Darkness lifts and the sky becomes a little brighter in the mornings.

Winter sees the year draw to a close. Cosy fires lit, families snuggling under blankets, and of course a visit from the big man in red!

I always find that these two seasons make me want to make changes to my home. Some more drastic than others! The drastic projects often require a lot of help from companies such as LGSE who hire their well maintained fleet of Multilift hook and skip loader vehicles.

Photo by from Pexels

Thankfully this years projects are a little smaller, much to my husbands relief!

First on my list tends to be some redecorating. That’s the handy thing about having a husband who is a painter and decorator for a living. Although, I’m not sure he’s best pleased about this!

I always find myself wanting to add some warmth to my rooms in the winter months. This means lots of oranges, warm reds and chocolate browns!

This usually also means I can invest in some throws and comfy cushions!

Another thing I always have to do is declutter. I mean if Santa does pay us a visit, then we’ll need to make room for our presents! This often also means a trip to the charity shop with the kids toys that they no longer play with!

Finally though, one of my best home improvement tips for the winter is to add insulation to your home. It can help to lower the cost of your bills, and you can also sleep well knowing that you’re helping the environment too!

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